Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Last Big Day

After all the waiting, the ungodly horniness, the cravings for some REAL contact, I got my wish...IN SPADES! I have decided to do things a little different today. There is so much for me to say that I don't want to miss anything, but I have such a short attention span these days, I decided it would be interesting to give a little at a time. I will be updating my blog off and on today and if I don't finish my story, perhaps it will carry into tomorrow. I'm just going to start for now

I have been wanting Honey to really...there are a gazillion words that would fit here but they all sound callous...beat me....no, don't like the sound of it...wear my ass out...true but still kind of coarse sounding...wail the skin off my ass...YYOUCH!!!!!!!!!! Once again, true, but just doesn't sound right.
Okay, how about this. I needed to be entertained in the roughest fashion comfortable to man or woman. Yeah, that sounds nice, doesn't it?
The truth is, I wanted Honey to beat my ass black and blue. I don't know why. I know it sounds like I always ask that question but really, especially in the throes of it, I could care less why. He likes it, I like it...it works. This was probably one of the most severe encounters we have had and I loved it. We kept getting interrupted unfortunately or it probably would have been even more severe...and I certainly wouldn't have minded that at all...but as it turns out, it was GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This first picture...oh yeah, that was just the beginning.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We want more!!!
I want to know how your ass looks now :)

a fan

12:35 AM  

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