Friday, October 13, 2006

Our First Spanking Weekend

We have been trying for weeks now to get away by ourselves but money just seems to keep getting in the way. This weekend, come hell or highwater, we are having our weekend. I am anything but a prude, but in our house, we have 2 sons, ages 18 and 19 and a pesky roommate that we made the mistake of inviting to stay with us for a while for personal and professional reasons and he is driving us crazy. We can't do ANYTHING with him around, including watching our favorite porn and spanking movies. He is 25 years old and the biggest prude you have ever met. He is offended by pornography. My view on it is if he doesn't like it, leave. This is mine and my husband's house, we have VERY healthy sexual appetites and neither of us is objected to the other watching, who the hell does he think he is traipsing around at 3 o'clock in the morning demanding that we turn it down? But that is whole story to itself. It seems that when 2 go sleep or are gone, the third gets up or comes home. No fun. And I can't get the kind of spanking I want from my love of my life because in order to do so, I am going to be making quite a bit of noise, as will the implements used and its just too weird to think about your kids knowing you are getting spanked and getting laid.
For about the last 10 years I have been in to some pretty rough sex. Nothing dangerous and nothing really painful, just mostly aggressive. I like having my husband climb on chest and fuck my face with gusto. In fact, I refer to it as masturbating with my mouth. It turns me on in unbelievable ways. I like anal sex best of all and a good portion of the time I can't even come until my love shoves his cock hard and deep in my ass and goes after it like a man who hasn't sex in years. And I like to make noise, but I can't around my house very often because, as I said, there is always someone around. So this is our weekend....for both of us. My husband likes me in the submissive that nobody who knows me in my regular life would ever imagine me to be. I like for him to control me in the bedroom...or wherever the loving might take place. When I first brought up the spanking idea, my love was more willing to comply but I was afraid..and then I was I'm almost desperate. We decided this weekend, this is going to be our all out ass weekend.
We have a room at a nice hotel waiting for us on Friday. Our weekend actually starts on Thursday, so we started the spankings and foreplay already. I told him I want to be spanked often...and hard...but I'm a wimp so we have to take lots of breaks. During those breaks, I think it would be a really good time for him to fuck my mouth in that way that turns me on most. And I want to do this all weekend. The plan for Thursday: spanking, blow jobs, spanking, blow jobs, nap, coffee, throw the roommate out, spanking, blow job, maybe a quickie, packing up the toys, hit the room early, really good spanking for the first time, blow job, nap, shower, get ready to go out to dinner with friends, another sound spanking, preferrably a long one that will leave marks and that oh so nice burny, kind of bruised feeling, stop by the house to make sure the roommate is gone, dinner with friends, back to the room and then the serious play begins. He knows I want him to wear my ass out. Just thinking about right now makes my intimate parts tingle, my nipples are getting erect, my tummy is tightening up. He is napping right now but I'm about to wake him up. I need to be spanked. I need to feel his cock bumping against the back of my throat, I need to be spanked more and I need him to make love to me...he can decide what orifices he wants to use this time. He can even decide what implements, although I think my ass is politely asking for the wooden spoons and the hairbrush. He is particularly fond of the sorority paddle. I don't know what I was thinking when I bought that one. Talk about surprise the first time he used it on me...but we did use it successfully and to my liking night before last before I went to work...followed by the cane. I must say, I went to work a happy girl. I won't be picky tonight. I want him to try all of our implements before the weekend is over. I am hoping he can spank me to tears but I have my doubts. I wimp out long before we get to the tears stage, but that is one of the reasons we decided on the hotel room. I'm sure I'll have quite the blog on that in a couple of days. My bottom already feels a little bruised as I sit here. We have been working on my ass for about a day and a half already but its nowhere near where I want it to be by this time Saturday night.
Wish me luck. I'll let you know how it turns out before the weekend is over!

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