Sunday, December 17, 2006

Being "Outed"

I admit I thought the timing was very amusing. Bonnie from My Bottom Smarts had her weekly brunch last week. The question was basically "How out are you and how out are you willing to be?" You have to admit, this is a really good question. I'm not terribly anxious to be outed or for my friends and loved ones to know about my bedroom play...keeping that in mind, I have referred a couple of friends to a couple of my favorite blogs and it just so happens that this blog links with those blogs. Did I think about that when I was telling them about the blogs I so love to read? NO!!!!!! Did I forget that some of friends have friends and loved ones that spend a LOT of time on the internet? HELL YES!!!!!!!!!! Do I feel a little bit like the dumb blonde? Why yes, I do. I don't guarantee that I managed to out myself, but a very good friend of mine popped off with a comment about needing to go get her spanking...and my immediate thought was "CLOSE THAT DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!" I can almost guarantee that MY closet is WAY bigger than my friends, and I was aghast at having discovered that door ajar.
Am I embarassed by it? Absolutely not. I engage in a completely fulfilling sex life and it does involves a few kinks here and there. I happen to LIKE the toasty, stingy feeling of my lover applying a hard instrument to my ever growing orbs of my hiney. I like the bright red glow that develops. I have very white skin so I brighten up pretty quickly. I enjoy for some reason that I don't completely understand being pushed to the edge of my pain threshold. I like it way more than I ever thought was possible. There is an intimate bond that occurs between lovers when one allows the other to paddle to their hearts content. I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that I like the submissive feeling associated with it. I like to be handled. I like to be controlled. But only in the privacy of our home, the privacy of our bedroom.
I like sitting on a bottom that is just a little sensitive from bruises left with love and lust. I LOVE the erection My Love gets the harder he paddles my ass. SO.....if I have been outed...hehehehehe...I won't talk about your secrets with anyone other than you if you won't talk about mine...and if I haven't been outed...lesson learned.
I have my next two blogs planned out already. One will be about our brand new paddles!!!! And we have so many. I went paddle crazy. So did my love. The rosy cheeks here are compliments of My Love...he spent many hours replacing my Late Great Holey Paddle...WE NOW HAVE TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I have never have to be without a paddle again...well, a favorite paddle again. He made me on that is pretty thin. Its actually pleasant...a good warmer upper (but at the moment I'm really liking the ping pong paddle and the hairbrush as warmer uppers) and one about twice as thick that has a little thud to it, packs a little bit bigger punch but for the most part is oh so tolerable. As any spankee knows, pretty much anything can become an owie maker if applied long enough. And Honey is definitely a believer in going longer than I really think is necessary...but its okay...I'm always happy with the end result.
Since we were without a holey paddle for me lat week, I got visited often by the ping pong paddle and Bruiser. Bruiser, we thought, had not left his usual telltale markings. Let me tell you, Honey decided to make Bruiser's use worth my while. He whalloped so hard a few times all I could do was babble about how mean he was. And then there were no marks. I can't tell you how disappointing it is to actually survive a bunbuster like Bruiser, more than once at that, and not have so much as a couple of little bruises to show for it. Turns out they were just taking their time popping up. I thought I was feeling the bruises but I couldn't see anything at all...until last night. I hope it gets more visible but it seems that the reason it wasn't visible was because its pretty much MY WHOLE ASS that is bruised. I finally got a look last night. I couldn't get a good enough look at what I thought I was seeing so I made Honey take some pictures for me, but those will come with one of the next two posts. Hopefully, I will have even better evidence of Honey and I starting to settle into a routine. my outter, if you are out there, feel free to let me know you have been visiting...and to all the lurkers that are out there...I'm proud to have my ass seen in Australia, New Zealand, a great deal in the United Kingdom, Germany, the US and Canada and even some places I have never heard of. Thank you for visiting and I hope you are enjoying.

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