Monday, October 15, 2007

Calling All Lurkers!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, late as usual, I have decided to run a Delurkers Week instead of a Delurkers Day.

This will be a second annual Love Our Lurkers...Day, which I think was last Friday...or in us procrastinators, Week...which is this week....or if you REALLY a procrastinor, why not go for MONTH...all of October! Then we cover pretty much everything.

This is the time that we bloggers try to coax, coerce or command the lurking masses to sneak out, take a peek and...gulp...reveal yourselves!

You know who you are. You are the one's that typed something into a search engine and found me. This is one of MANY websites that has taught you YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You are the ones that followed a link from another kinky site and started reading here. You are one of the many who have felt this way your whole life and didn't know what was wrong with you.
Maybe you've been too shy to post. Maybe you think you have nothing to say, nothing to share. Maybe you are afraid that by contributing, it is giving yourself away. Maybe you are afraid that by contributing, you have to give something or some great secret up about yourself.

This is the week for you. Introduce yourself...or some form of yourself that you are comfortable sharing. Share. Don't share. Give up what you are comfortable with and maybe push it just a little farther. Share your own desires. Or just say "hi." Come on. I know you're there. I check my stats almost every day. I even know where my most loyal handful of readers come from. I love you for taking the time out to read my postings. Now share the love and tell you are there. I won't tell your secrets if you don't tell mine.

Here's to DeLurkers Day, Week, Month. Hope to hear from ya soon.

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