Sunday, February 11, 2007


What a wonderful word that is. I actually saw it on another blogsite. How deliciously descriptive. How about dramastic ecstagony. I think I have new words for my spanking world. Dramastic ecstagony is when you are overwhelmed by the ecstasy created by the fire in and on your ass from a hard spanking and equally hard fucking. Yummy. I have been spanked this week. I have to say, it was dramastic ecstagony. It could have been harder. I hardly have any bruises. My ass had that freshly spanked look for 2 days though. That is always cool. That alone is worth taking a spanking every day but alas, Honey's back barely made it through the try it again might well cripple him. It was hot though. I got to pick out my least the starting implement. My ass had been seriously craving some really hard swats from the holey paddle. Sometimes the way to start, for me, is with a couple of really hard swats, then a couple of lighter ones. The really hard ones starting out are never pleasant but I often find that it takes all of about 30 seconds before I want more. And before long, I am craving the really ugly, really hard swats. Honey was more than happy to accomodate me, although we were both worried about his back. We did start with the holey paddle. I don't know how many swats he gave me but my ass was radiating heat in no time at all. It was all very passionate. We moved from the holey paddle to the cool surface of the lexan. Honey really likes this paddle a lot...and as a matter of fact, so do I. I don't think its much for bruising though. It is quite a bit tougher on bare skin (which is, of course, the only way Honey likes to spank me) than over clothes but it is a very unique feeling any way you use it. I like it. I believe the whole session, which was probably right around an hour of almost solid spanking fun, my ass was entertained by all of our most vicious paddles. Bruiser I know was used 15 times straight without a break. It wasn't full out swings Honey was using, but he was swinging hard enough to push my body forward with every swing. I felt like a swingset. Honey's follow through was complete, I would wave forward and then in the same fluid motion I would throw my ass back up and out for another. The swats rained down harder and faster as Honey paddled, and I became wetter and wetter. Honey had given me a "test drive" a short time before the actual session. He swatted my ass 5 times relatively hard (I was ready for him to quit at 3) with Bruiser. Then, he told me he was going to see if I was really unhappy with Bruiser or not. He reached around in front and slid his hand down between my legs. His fingers brushed my clit and goosebumps popped up all over me...again...this is one of the first reactions my body has to a really hard swat with a chunk of wood too. He let his fingers slide on until I felt them pushing up inside me. He started with just the tip of one, then I guess he changed his mind and slipped 2 fingers up inside me. My body offered no resistance. He told me my body told him the truth and according to my body, I liked Bruiser very much. Honey spanked me long and occasionally hard. And when the spanking was done and neither of us could stand it anymore, Honey lubed up my ass, lubed up his manhood and slid his member into that speciall place that takes both of our breath away. Honey made love to me, made love to my ass, ust like I like it. He was gentle and loving. I was crazed. I love to feel his pelvis against my burning ass. He fucked me gentle and then he fucked me hard until I had the most earth-shattering orgasm. He always tries to make sure I come before he comes. He fucked my ass for a bit longer and then asked me if I would assist him masturbating. I love feeling him jack off behind me, up against my ass, before he actually enters me. I love to help him reach his orgasm through masturbation. I assailed his body with my mouth and my fingers while he jacked off. He told me he wanted to come on my tits. He climbed on top of my chest for the second time that day (the first was so he could fuck my face, a phenomenal precursor to actually making love) and I had the priviledge of watching my Honey jack off over me while I fondled his nipples. when he finally came, we together agreed that he would come all over face, my tits, my belly...and his orgasm was as full of fireworks as mine had been. When we were cleaned up again, we snuggled together, holding each other in a lovers embrace as we dozed off for an afternoon nap. Life doesn't get any better than this.

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