Monday, July 30, 2007

In My Spare Time....

As I announced previously, I am temporarily out of service due to surgery. This unfortunate bit of news does not stop me from getting very VERY horny. My clit is crying out to have attention paid to it. As I surfed the internet for good porn clips and spanking videos, hott spanking blogs that included hott sex, I found myself all but crazy to get fucked. I also found myself very very disappointed that one of my FAVORITE sites, Lupus, has been plagued with a Trojan virus. How terribly unfair life is. I want to be spanked most when my husband isn't home. I want to make love most when I can't. Just thinking about Honey's hard cock makes all my private areas warm and twitchy, craving attention in so many ways, and Honey won't hardly touch me right now out of fear of hurting the area fixed by surgery. He may be right but sense and sanity go by the wayside when hormones take over.

As I have also mentioned in the past, I like really hard, really rough sex. Maybe this has something to do with my spanking kink. I like to be taken. I like to be taken in the ass most of all. If you want to know the truth, I like to start with having my face fucked deep and hard. Then I like to move on other parts of the body. This is the flexible part of my lustful desires. I don't care what Honey does to me after face-fucking as long as it involves some kind of penetration in some part of my body or clitoral stimulation. This is a good time for Honey to play out his fantasies. Once in the mood, spanking my ass followed by a little tongue or digital penetration and manipulation and then back to spanking will shoot me into a fevered pitch in no time at all. I soon become just a ball of paralyzed frenitic lust. All orifices are available, willing and ready for Honey to penetrate.

I crave having his cock buried deeply in my hot, throbbing ass, pumping in and out, taking my breath away. I crave the orgasm that starts in clit but runs through me from head to toe and back again.

Not yet....but soon...

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