Sunday, February 04, 2007

Domestic Discipline

I don't have a lot to report this weekend...much to my disappointment. The Love of My Life has been pretty laid up with his back and although he did manage to get up to give me a couple of fairly hard but short paddlings, all it really did was leaving me wanting more and feeling very disjointed. The first time he wanted me to meet him back in the bedroom this weekend, he laid a couple of really hard swats on my first thought was to jump up and plead for him to stop...My second thought was "Oh yeah...that's EXACTLY what I'm taking about...."

Since Honey is laid up and pretty heavily sedated, it has given me a lot of time to consider. I don't know if I can get anyone to delurk on thiis one or not but I sure am hoping so. I have been seriously considering the DD lifestyle. Honey hadn't heard of it until I brought it up the first time. I don't know if its right for me or not and quite frankly, the idea pretty well terrifies me...but I think I like the idea. The whole concept seems like one that would work very well for me. I need structure in my life or I feel like I turn into the epitomy of the 7 deadly sins..and thats a pretty ugly thought.

I'm well over my ideal weight...and I have no discipline at the moment to bring it under control. I'm not actually fat...yet...but I certainly have the potential to become that way...and I hate it. In the past I have been able to control it on my own. In truth, I probably can again but I'm really not sure. I quit smoking this past year and have the weight gain to show for it. I don't think it has so much been a major change in diet (although it does seem I eat fairly often) but its that my body has rebelled against me so all the little tricks I used to use to lose weight that were actually healthy, or mostly healthy will no longer be tolerated by my body. Even skipping meals...I'm hypoglycemic so I get sick if I skip meals. The lettuce in the salads more often than not cause severe stomach cramps, as does tuna fish. I can eat chicken all day and all night but unfortunately, the rest of my family cannot. And its so damned expensive to eat healthy. Anyway, I think if I had someone (like Honey) to hold me accountable for watching my diet and exercising, it would make things SO much easier.

And then there is the housework. I wait like 3 or 4 weeks between doing laundry. Its a good thing we both have lots of clothes because I don't do laundry until I HAVE to. I don't clean house hardly ever and I seldom cook. So what do I do you ask? Well, I'm somewhere akin to a nymphomaniac so Honey gets fucked pretty much any time he wants...pretty much any way he wants. My personal preference is anal, as is Honey's so this is good for both of us. Most of the time I can't even cum anymore unless there is something in my's a sidethought for you....I fantasize about Honey making me wear a buttplug all night at work. I don't know if I would really want to do it, but it makes for a helluva fantasy. So back to the DD, if Honey held me accountable for chores, well...our house might actually be presentable for when people want to come over for a visit. Currently, we are in a special friends only mode...which is mostly fine with both of us because we are our best friends and don't really associate a lot with others...a very select few that we hang with outside of work.

I work. I work fulltime. Sometimes I work more than one job. Sometimes I work overtime. I work at bringing in money and often, extra money. And I go to school. Until very recently, I went to school fulltime. I got my degree and have now gone back for fun but I'm tossing around the idea of grad school. I just don't know if I'm ready to do grad school and work both. I envy those women who don't have to work. Honey keeps telling me I can quit, but I have worked my whole life so I'm afraid I would turn into the bitch from hell.

Now, Honey and I most definitely partake of spanking because we both like it. He likes spanking me, and I like him spanking me...sometimes more than other times. We use it as foreplay. In fact, I enjoy having my ass spanked while I masturbate. My most reeent masturbation fantasies aren't of Honey fucking least not only that, but of Honey beating my ass...and then fucking me in the ass...but I don't always get to that last part before orgasm. I am secretly obsessed with having punishment spankings but I don't feel I'm emotionally equipped to deal with them...yet.

So here is one of the greatest questions for me. Could I actually succeed in a DD relationship. I am VERY strong willed and as much as I want the guidance, I WANT to put the decisions of the day and the lifestyle in someone else's hands, I don't know if I have the mettle to do it. I am interested in hearing from anyone who is living the lifestyle, has lived the lifestyle, would like to live the lifestyle...I would love to exchange thoughts and ideas on this one before I/we make any firm decisions.

Thanks to any and all who will respond.

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