Sunday, January 07, 2007

Hello to All...

I can't believe it but I have absolutely no pictures today! It isn't for lack of practice. My ass has been spanked on every single day since right around Christmas. Some really good spankings too but for some reason it isn't marking...its really strange. Although, much to my surprise, it seems the plumpy part of buttcheeks are now permanently red. Its kind of funny. I do have a couple of little bruises but if you knew the punishment my poor little bottom had suffered through, it just isn't fair that there isn't real bruising. There may be soon if we leave my ass alone...there may not be. Its strange where ones bottom will bruise after a spanking...not always in the places one expects. I am actually hoping for a little bottom action tonight but its hard to say because my ass has been so sore it can't hardly stand to be touched, much less spanked. I have found recently though that if I will just grit my teeth through about the first 3 or 4 (sometimes more) swats of just about any implement, my ass just kind of goes numb and I can enjoy it...I can't breathe but I can enjoy it.

This is probably on the egocentric side but I love to check my site maps and see who all has visited my blog, where they are from, and then sometimes actually have some wild fantasies. I have found that I have pretty regular visitors from all over folks are kinky over there...makes me wish I lived there. I find almost all the best implements come from there too. One of my absolute favorite bands in the world is Queen. I can't help but wish that Roger, Brian and John stopped in from time to time...I would offer up my ass to any of them in a heartbeat..theirs for the taking to do with as they please.

I have noticed some visitors in the Middle East and I wonder if they are military, fighting for our cause, for the cause of freedom, democracy and liberty. If so, I hope this blog helps them not miss home so much. Know that you have my support and feel free to make contact any time.

Its hard to say whether the kinkier folks are in the US or Europe. I can't pinpoint a specific area of seems to be spread out over all of Europe. I know in the US, the Eastern states are way kinkier than the western states. I like the Eastern states, although that is not where I live. You would think the southern states would be more into spanking because the Southerners are, well, Southerners....think Gone with the Wind, which should have been set in Louisiana but that is nitpicking. I am a Southern gal myself...and oh so proud of it.

I am especially fond of the thought of the New Zealanders and Australians that visit. Its really because I so desperately want to visit both areas (but perhaps Europe much history!).

To my regular visitors, I bid you a great big thank you for visiting...I have met a few of you by email and I am thrilled. For the rest, feel free to drop a line anytime...good or bad...its the occasional comments that keep this blog going.

My fellow bloggers, I find new blogs every day and am steadily impressed by the amazing writers that are lurking out there...maybe some day we should all get together and write some proper spanking books, mixes of fact and hot would that be????????????????

This is just my way of saying hello, I appreciate my readers and Happy Spanking!
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