Saturday, November 04, 2006

About Last Night

The first of the first. This is the very first time I have put my bared tushy on display and it may very well be the goes.

Tonight I am going to try something a little I have never tried pictures before. I don't know how well they will come out but after hubby and my "playdate" last night/this morning, we decided to take some pictures. This is the first, shortly after our little session. I was only mildly concerned at the "damage" done...and the actual size of my butt.

This is the most serious my poor bottom has looked yet. I was just a little concerned last night but then I get a good look today...wowsy. You know how bruising is. It ALWAYS looks worse the day after. And true to its nature, it looks pretty ugly today.

My little honey thought it would be a good idea to try out ALL of our spanking implements, including his hand. It wasn't that he used any one piece all that much because he actually didn't. I even brought out Bruiser myself, because I know how much he enjoys it...teach me to be nice! THEN, after all was said and done, after a couple of really good orgasms (more on that when I get over the shock), I decided, Hey! Let's try out the new digicam and show ME what YOU see! I think I should have stayed in the dark. But its okay...a little tender as you can imagine but all in all, with just a little caution, I can manage to sit pretty well without being terribly obvious. It sure hurt last night though. Wow! Did it ever hurt last night. Before we retired for the night, Honey had come twice, I had come 3 times and both of us were exhausted and slept like little babies once he settled in under our blankies.
I'd love to tell all tonight, but work looms in my near future. I must be off to the shower to make myself presentable.
Have a good and spankable night for all who are enjoying their weekend!

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The Last Week

If you come by here often, you will notice that my font colors change...I thought it was only appropriate that they change along with the color of my bottom. Pink mean, of course, we either haven't been able to play or it has been light play. The darker the red...well, you get the idea. I hadn't really thought about using the green and blue and black and brown that various bruises seem to go through, but I might start using those too.

This has been a strange week. We havent gotten to play nearly as often I would like and tonight has been no exception. The last couple of weekends, the last two remaining kids have been taking off on Friday night...of course, it never fails that we don't know they are going to be gone until after we have had our somewhat altered play and subsequent great but somewhat quiet sex that is caused by having one's offspring running around the house. I was all set to wait for them to leave this weekend so, of course, they are home. All hope is not lost yet. They are asleep. I am not. I was so looking forward to fun and games tonight too. :(

We did have a couple of encounters this past week. One day, hubby came home from work, took me by hand, led me into our bedroom and told me to lay myself across the bed. He then opened up our toy drawer and told me to pick out two pieces that I would like for him to use. Of course, there are so many things in the drawer that it is all but impossible to choose. So while I was tossing around the various ideas, he removed my clothing from the waist down and began to massage and pat my bare butt. It felt so good...I couldn't concentrate on implements of pain, even erotic pain when he was causing such a wonderful feeling...until he told me "Pick two out quick or I will...and you know what I will pick." That pretty much made up my mind for me.
He would take Bruiser and although Bruiser has a time and a place, I was not at all in the mood. I took the two brand new implements that my loving husband made for me that we had yet to really out. He started with the cane, not an implement that he had made. I have a love/hate relationship with the cane. It hurts like a sonofabitch...but when done well, certainly seems to add a little something to the festivities. So, remember it has been a few days now but close as I can remember, we started with 10 strokes of the cane. My honey likes the way the cane stripes look on my ass...and a few good cane lashes will leave a "lingering impression" on my tushy for the rest of the night if not a day or two. Not necessarily anything you can see, but I can certainly feel them for a bit...the nice, I-know-my-love-has-been-there feeling. Next, he whispered in my ear from behind me I was going to take 5 strokes on each cheek from each of the new implements. If I haven't said what they are yet, he made me, at my request and his just knowing me well enough to know by the way I had been talking about them, a paddle with holes in it, a short, pocket-type paddle and a strap...kind of like a belt, well, a lot like a belt but more convenient because it has a handle. If all goes well, in the next week or so, I will be able to start posting some pictures. As I recall, he started with the paddle. It was good. He had caught me with it a couple of times after he made before we got to use it for real just for kind of a tryout and those "before work" spankings that I mostly need but mostly fight against. Stingy little fucker, it is. Fairly light, doesn't leave bruises but most certainly lets me know its there. I look forward to being using it in a slightly different setting. Because its stingy, it only takes a couple of swats and I'm feeling from the top of my head to the tips of my toes...and rubbing on my oh-so-bottom. I like it but I'm one that definitely has "moods." Since my "moods" don't much matter, I have to say that I haven't been in the "mood" much for this little guy (maybe we should call it Bruiser's nephew) but it did bring a nice warmth to the after-caned feeling. I like the varying sensations in the bedroom setting and pretty much any kind of attention to my butt makes me happy. So I took it...5 to the right...then 5 to the left. The first 3 weren't bad...very tolerable. The 4th made me wiggly. The 5th was straight up burn...on both sides. I was glad there was a SHORT ending place in sight on both. Then my loving husband took the time to rub, massage, stroke and otherwise pay homeage to slightly overabundant backside. I like that. Just when I was getting all cozy and giggly and loving, he got the strap set to go. I like the strap. I like the belts. This is a softer texture than the belt but equally stingy...mostly the same feel. If you can picture what it would feel like to be spanked with a latigo weight silk, you might have a clue what this felt like. It hurt. By the time he reached the 5th swat on each side, I was in need of a break but it had such a silky soft touch to it at the same time. When he was done, he threw down the strap and attacked my ass. This is my favorite part. Within seconds he had me panting and moaning and all but begging, between his fingers and his tongue and his mouth in all the right places. After he made sure I was sufficiently ready, I felt his loving manhood pressing through my warm globes. As the head of his cock made contact with its target, I was more than ready for his entrance. I love the way his cock feels going into my ass. Its like no other feeling in the world. It takes my breath away. It makes me see fireworks. I tingle from head to toe. As he leaned against my back, he breathed all the sweet (and not so sweet) nothings that he knows I love to hear. I told me how good it felt for him, he asked me if it felt good to the throes of passion I either can't say a word or you can't shut me up. With kids home, I can't say a word and all I could do was moan. As the passion became more intense, his trusts became more intense. Deeper and faster, deeper and faster until my world was spinning and I felt myself lift off into a whole new dimension. This must be what heaven is like. I wonder if this is the kind of high that heroine users experience. At times like these, I know exactly why those monkeys in the Pavlovian experiments (was it Pavlov or someone else?) orgasmed themselves to death. And when it was over, we lay together, me flattened out on the bed huffing and puffing, my love of my life, my Casinova, the greatest lover I have ever known struggling to gain his own breath laying on my back, still with his cock inside me, and while engulfed in embrace, his arms wrapped around me, together we dozed off.

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