Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Back at Last

Its been a while since I last posted. Between school and life, there just hasn't been an opportunity...and quite frankly, not a lot going on but healing. Honey and I have had to be almost abstinent in an effort to get his back back to normal. Back problems are such a misery and it makes me hurt to watch him when he tries to walk when his back hurts that much. It makes me incredibly nervous to consider doing much more than "servicing" him when he's like that because I'm afraid he will hurt his back even more. There has been some play but in truth, we were both so amorous by the time his back was even close to be better that the play part was pretty limited and we went right at the good stuff (hehehehe).

This weekend however, has much potential. We are going to our first spanking party and SO looking forward to it. Unfortunately, we won't get to stay for the whole thing but it looks like its going to be a blast (no pun intended...well, maybe pun intended) and we can really use the alone time as well. The drive will be a blast too because we make great travelling partners.

I can't wait and hopefully there will be lots of pictures of good stories when we get back!


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