Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Oh What Fun

Honey and I are trying to make sure that we get in all the playtime we can before I become incapacitated, temporarily out of commission, unavailable for use. Unfortunately, it seems Honey and I are passing some serious cold, throat, fever, feeling yucky crap back and forth and it most certainly kills the mood...well, mostly kills the mood.

It was actually pretty funny. While at work, I was reading a book. I have the luxury of doing that on some days even though I have a very busy, very high-stress job. There are lulls. I was deeply engrossed in this book, my favorite way to read (one of my favorite sayings about books is that books are like a favorite dish. You should be able to savor every morsel and completely ravage every page. Hubby and I can't share paperbooks because he hates having the spine broken and I think it should be completely broken if you really enjoy it). I had the perfect little "in the space" thing going. I mean, I was there. I was a part of the action going on in the book. I was one of the character. Then suddenly I got an overlay movie. It is the best way I can describe it. It was like having two movies playing on a screen, one on top of the other. It was an amazing sight. I could see Honey playing very rough with me. I mean very rough. It started with me leaning up against our headboard, Honey in front of me, fucking my mouth. My hands were tied to the headboard, and he was holding on, hands on either side of my head, varying back and forth between gently fucking my mouth, sliding his cock slowly and gently as far as it would go to roughly, passionately fucking my mouth, bringing himself to the verge of orgasm before suddenly pulling his cock completely from my mouth.

I had to stop several times in my reading to re-establish where I was and what I was doing. Then I would start reading again. The next time I was heavily engrossed in my book, suddenly I had visions of being dragged across Honey's lap, having my bottom beaten into shades of red I have never seen before. I was kicking and fighting and he was holding, spanking me with sometimes with a paddle, sometimes with a hairbrush, telling me to quit fighting, which of course I couldn't do. He swatted a few times, then told me to quit kicking, swatted a few more times, told me to quit fighting, swatting a few more was really hot....

And I had to shake my head to clear it again.

Finally I decided to write it down to give to Honey for his reading enjoyment when he found himself bored at work. He loves when I write things like for him and I write them often. I was just really getting into the writing, it was really getting into the great details that Honey so enjoys (if there is one thing I write well, its porn) when I got interrupted for a day of crap at work. It was a really bad day.

When I got home, it seemed Honey and I had the same ideas. It took us a while to get around to it but boy oh boy did we have fun. We did, in fact, start out with Honey fucking my mouth. He likes to try to gag me...I don't gag easily. He fucked my mouth for quite some time and both of us were heaving passion pits when he finally withdrew himself from my face. He asked me if I wanted to lay across his lap or be in doggie style. I told him it was entirely up to him. He chose doggie style. I know some of the things he used but I'm not sure about all. He made me extremely comfortable even though he tied one wrist to my thigh and the other to the headboard. Then he proceeded to use a wide array of implements on my ass. He started out somewhat gently (depending on your definition of gentle). I know I felt a wooden paddle with holes, a wooden paddle without holes, a hairbrush though I don't know which one...the wood one I think because the other one has more spring to it. There was a cane. He loves cane welts but after a while, you lose the ability to see the stripes and can only see red ass. I believe I felt a lexan paddle (far preferrable to a lexan cane, by the way) and a couple of different straps. I generally like leather straps. I generally like them a lot. Anyway, once Honey got started, he kept going for a long time. I lost count. He lost count. He finally got to the point where he just wanted to hear me make noise. Once subspace kicks in (I think that's what it is anyway), I quit making noise...period. I told him those are the times he should take advantage of the situation because he can do just about anything and as hard as he wants and I'm not going try to stop him. For all the pounding he did on my ass, you would really think it would look much worse, but here's a little example.

Usually we give my ass a break after a night like that. We did some serious spanking, whaling and know, the kind that makes you sore the next day. If my Love is going to wail away on my ass, I fully expect to feel it for a day or two when I sit down. He did a pretty good job too. We like to take pictures in the middle, at the end and then the next day or two. Well, the non-red ass is at about the 24 hour mark. Nice bruises but nothing too extreme...some tell-tale signs of wear and tear (pun intended).
But later that evening, you know, like the 26 hour mark, Honey decided we could do better. I won't say he "wailed away" on my ass on the second day but approximately 30 swats he landed on my ass, I think he used a wooden paddle with holes, the leather strap (always good for a nice rosy shine) and Bruiser, which I was none too happy about, we of course had to consummate the foreplay. FINALLY, I got Honey, the camera and me all in the same vicinity and now I have some really dirty shots. Honey got to be the camera man since he is the Dom and I am the sub....and my back was to him the whole time. I have all kinds of sweet, smutty pictures that make me horny just looking at them. These are pictures I have wanted for quite some time. Of course, they are for me and Honey and no one else, but I can't tell you how much I love to see what he was doing to me. Its just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hott! Honey really does take full advantage of all of my body parts.
Some day I'm going to get brave enough to let Honey really do what he wants...all of what he wants (except nipple clamps...long story but they are completely intolerable to me). I look forward to the day that we are by ourselves in our house and he decides to spank me "the way he really wants to..." He has a thing about making me cry. I don't think its possible. I guess its a challenge. Either way, I want him to be able to smack around on my ass and my give vocal appreciation, or disapproval (same thing really) without fear of who may hear. I think it will certainly add something to the experience.

For those of you that have ever seen the lupus pictures, when they cane a girl, her ass turns black in the cane stripes. I want that. When they paddle a girl, her ass is bruised in ways I have never seen before. I want that too. I really really do look forward to it. I don't know who looks forward to it or Honey. In the meantime, we will have to settle for semi-severe, Lupus pictures and Girls Boarding School to appease those desires.

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