Sunday, October 22, 2006

Before Leaving the House

After reading various postings across the net, and let me tell you, I have been doing a LOT of reading over the last week, it seems that a nice warm up spanking (or even a pretty severe let-you-know-I've-been-here spanking are not so unusual events before a happily spanked girl leaves the house. I think I said before I am a very VERY controlled kind of gal with a tendency, as my love of my life says, to keep things internalized. I have a pretty high stress job that has, of recent, been more stressful than usual...but who's job isn't stressful, right? Well, to give you an idea of the stress levels my honey and I deal with (he is the same industry, but his job is actually more stressful), the divorce rate is something like 90 plus percent. Unfortunately, he and I both fall into that statistic because this is a second marriage for both of us but I'm pretty it is the last marriage for both us...actually I know it is. I tell him regularly that I don't believe in divorce or homicide...I believe in making him miserable for the rest of his life. One of my personal philosophies goes along the why kill somebody when you can maim them and make them remember you for the rest of their life? But that has nothing to do with the situation at hand.

Last night my honey asked me if I needed "refresher" before I went to work..."just a little warm up maybe" he says, as I get ready for work. "I'll leave that up to you..." I say as I traipse off to take shower. After my very pleasant, somewhat relaxing shower (if you don't count the fact that I couldn't really relax because impending work was on my mind), I came out, dried off and shortly thereafter, my loving husband walked into the bedroom and started rummaging around. By watching him , I couldn't tell if he had made his decision and he thought I was "in need" or if was just...rummaging around...until my hair was dry, that is. As I wandered around our room naked, which he very much enjoys (lucky me!) he suddenly revealed a nice, sinister looking cane and a naughty little grin across his face. He was lightly tapping the cane in his palm, and asked me in a lusty, steady tone..."Are you ready?" I said "Sure" and leaned over the trunk we have at the foot of our of the easier positions for a quickie spanking. "How many?" he asks. I give him a naughty, mischievous look over my shoulder and say "I guess that's up to you." With the biggest, proudest grin I have ever seen as I get re situated facing forward, I hear the swish of the cane...WHACK. Hmmmmmmmmmm...Not too bad....swish...WHACK... a little harder, a little burn, not too bad. swish...WHACK...a little more stingy...I'm starting to wonder how many more we are going to has been my weekend after all, even if I did work overtime...WHACK...ouch...WHACK...take a deep breath....let it, don't hold it, let it out...WHACK....okay....that stings a LOT..."Are you okay?" "Yes" "More?" "Yes"...WHACK...I sure hope this really works like he thinks it will....WHACK...I kinda like that stingy burny feeling....WHACK...but maybe not that much..."One more Baby"...great...that usually means its the going to be extra hard....WHACK....

And then the big hug. I love that big hug. And I finished getting ready for work. I don't find that spanking helps me focus at all. Mostly it makes me thinks about sex. However, I was amazed to find on my way to work that my neck popped , which relieved the pain in my head that I hadn't even realized was there, and shortly after that, my shoulder popped...and area of my body that ALWAYS gives me trouble. It was amazing. OF course, I had to call my honey and let him know since I wasn't even at work yet. Turns out, it was a really good thing we relieved my stress before I got to work because it was an EXTRAORDINARILY stressful day AT work. I think I'll be looking forward to my pre-work night newest ritual tonight.

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