Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New Pictures

Remember the old saying "Be careful what you ask for for you may surely get it"? My goofy ass has been after Honey in very subtle ways for probably about a year to buy me a pair of Bobby's Dropseat Pants. I intend to someday make my own but I have a lot of things I intend to make someday...this isn't the day. Honey let me order up a new spanking site....Lupus Productions. For anybody that might not be familiar with Lupus/Rigid East, it is the most brutal spanking site I have come across yet. I love it. Brutal spanking turns me on in a HUGE way. Not that I want to be brutally spanked...usually...but I really like to watch it. I am in awe of the girls that are in many videos. I'm in awe of the fact that they just stand there and "handle" it. Yeah, they scream or cry or scream AND cry, but that's okay. They still handle it. I wish I could. Some of the girls have to be tied down. Well, I say they have to be. I don't know if they really have to be or not but they are and that is really really really cool. So we are right up in my fantasy life. #1: To be able to stand there and not freak out and tell Honey "Okay okay...STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and to be tied down and forced into a really hard spanking. I can't do it mind you. Neither one. Honey can't tie me down because of physical problems (although he is coming up with some possibly feasible ideas around that) and outside of subspace, I'm a big weenie and usually cry uncle pretty darned quick. Its not that he doesn't get to do more once I get passed the serious pain (usually 10 to 30 seconds), and if I manage subspace, well, he has free reign then, but I am seriously bad about topping from the bottom. I don't apologize for this. We do this for fun and sometimes if I don't top from the bottom, I wouldn't have any fun. The end goal for this household is orgasm and if I have to top from the bottom (at least in the beginning) to get there, then so be it. Honey isn't always happy with it that way but he usually gets happy pretty quick.

So back to the story. One night Honey and I were watching some Lupus movies together and they have this great...I don't know what it but its, for my lack of knowledge, we'll call it a whipping table. It is curved in the middle, perfect for some poor unfortunate female to lay in with very strong looking legs. On the legs are leather buckles for the wrists and not quite ankles, more like mid-calf. It is one devilish looking and oh so provocative-looking piece of furniture. I want one. That isn't all I wanted while we were watching. In one scene (actually several scenes) the girl had one bloomers...knickers...pants...petticoats...whatever, that opened right at the butt. Perfect for both spanking AND fucking! I love them. I get wet just seeing them. So I tell Honey "Yeah, I've been hoping you would buy them for me forever now...for Christmas, for my birthday, for Mother's Day...whenever but noooooooooooooooooooooo....you just don't get the hint...or just don't buy them for me." Later that night, picture Honey at the computer looking very intense. We have separate computers, which is really fun (and funny) sometimes because we can IM to each other and I swear we aren't more than 6 feet apart. This way we can still both look at the computer, look at our separate things and still be in the same room together. And if we want to say something we don't want the kids to hear ("Honey, will you beat me with a cane tonight?" is just not easily said when you know you have two adult sons within hearing distance) we can IM it to each other. Yes, Honey bought me my dropseat pants. Not quite the ones I wanted, only because they didn't have the kind I wanted at the time. They came in the mail in a flash and both of us were SO excited...well, you can imagine. We had to try them out.

I don't have a picture I can show of them all pulled up and looking cute and adorable. I slipped them on when Honey wasn't looking, put a couple of good spanking movies on the computer and invited him to watch them with me. When he ran his hand up my leg, he realized I had changed into the brand new spanking pants. Needless to say, this was the start of a wonderful night. The next thing, Honey had retrieved a few choice toys from the bedroom, having found ourselves ALL alone in our house, and I ended up across Honey's lap. He took great joy is learning how the drop seat worked. He took equally great pleasure and wailing away on my ass with the hairbrush. I liked it.
Turned out I was way more in the mood than I thought. Honey found a few different things to use but he finally settled on a cane. Oh boy, did he settle on a cane. Rattan for the most part. If you look closely, often you can see the stripe marks but he whacked on my ass so long that eventually it just became two big red spots. Oh, it was really hot. I think I may have even STARTED in subspace because I could tell Honey was swinging hard by the movements in his body and of course, the oh-so-distinct whhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr of the cane as it is on its way to one's ass. Oh yeah, it was all there. And I loved every second of it. Most of it wasn't even particularly painful...just made me horny. There were a few whacks that were more painful than others but Honey was free to give it his best shot.

And he certainly did, too...several of his best shots...like well over a hundred. Some were harder than others but there was at least 3 times that I counted 50 strokes before he would take a break. As you can see in my pictures, my ass got quite red. Some of these pictures were taken in the middle of playtime and some after...wait til you see the pictures from the next day. We have been taking pictures every day because it bruised up so pretty. I may even have a hot little story to accompany the pics next time. For now, just enjoy the pics...and feel free to tell me what you think.

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