Wednesday, July 25, 2007


What a wonderful idea! Here I was, surfing around the internet, reading and recouping and this is what I come across. I wish I had found it sooner. I would certainly have tried to get involved. I am a firm believer in donating to charities. I truly believe that medication foundations are sorely in need of money and funding. AIDS/HIV is disease close to my heart. Everybody knows someone who has died of it. I think its a crime that we have gone this long without a cure. I'm not even sure if I believe that a cure hasn't been found yet. If its true that one hasn't, why aren't scientists all over the globe NOT working day and night to find a cure? Why aren't all governments all over the globe paying researchers to work round the clock to find a cure?

I'm not going to sit here and pretend that I know anything. I don't know if there are different strains of HIV like there are of cancer. Maybe there are some cures out there but not for all. Cancer research should be funded round the clock to find a cure. I know I believe in my heart that cures have been found for cancer but there isn't enough money to be made off cures. There is lots of money to be made off treating. I know that is a conspiracy-theory-liberal attitude. It hurts my conservative republican core to say things like that. I have to though. I am not a 100% conservative republican so I have to say these things.

I think private funding is the only way cures for these horrible deseases are going to be found. Blogging for charity is a fantastic idea. I like the idea of a blogathon but I like the idea of putting a little ad up on the blogs we write saying something like..."If you like this blog, please donate to my favorite charity" and listing your favorite charity. Can you imagine if all the money that is PAID to join sites was going toward each persons favorite charity how well funded those charities would be? If each person that visited our blogs gave $1 once a month, think about how quickly that would add up for our pet charities. Interesting idea. So, having said that, I will not be participating as a blogger this year, but I will be thinking ways to become more active. I have a few that I would like to see funded better. Anyway, blogger or just enjoyer, slide on over to this Blogathon website and get involved!

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