Wednesday, January 03, 2007

First Entry of the Rear...I mean Year

I wanted to bring in the New Year with a nicely bruised and pinkish tinted butt...a well-used bottom. We decided to start early. We started Christmas Eve. This very first picture was my private Christmas present. We did our usual family get together stuff but before we went, My Love bent me over the trunk in our bedroom for a nice little warm up...something to keep me going until we got back. After we returned, much to our surprise, the kids all left for parts other than ours and My Love took the opportunity to give me a fine tanning. Oh, it took a few tries to get it to here, but I after a bit, some whining, some pouting, some resistance, all from me of course, I ended up with a nice warm rosy bottom to be proud of. My Love says the new tattoo is quite a visual plus to his spanking enjoyment...not to mention his other enjoyments. His viewing pleasure always been important to me. After my bottom ends up this red, he likes to take me from behind. After a really good spanking, in particular the kind that makes me beg for him to stop, it turns out I am quite aroused. Then My Love continues to perform his magic on my body until I am a panting, writhing ball of ecstasy (sometimes quite literally). He is fond of laying his hands on and grabbing hold of my still warm butt cheeks while he makes loves to me.

Sometimes he'll lay his scruffy cheek on my very hot bottom and rub his bristles across my already burning cheeks while he plays with my female parts...He says he likes feeling the warmth and he likes even more feeling how much I like it. For my Christmas present, I asked for a well spanked bottom, preferably one with bruises and all the wonderful little after effects that go along with a well-spanked bottom. I got them. I layed across his lap in our bed and My Love proceeded to take great liberty with all the implements that we have. This actually serves double duty. We get a chance to see, each of us, which toys are our favorites. I got spanked, I got slightly bruised and I got made love to and was as happy as any little girl on Christmas morning having been visited by own private Santa Claus.

For New Year's, I wanted more. I had to work as the New Year came in so I wanted what all good, bad little girls want. I wanted a bruised, battered and sore butt, one that I could view any time I wanted, one that I could feel every time I sat down, or moved around in my chair, one that made me wince without thinking about it so I had My Love with me as the New Year came in in spirit, if not in person. We started spanking on my bottom every 30 minutes to every couple of hours and visitors and family allowed on New Year's eve and we didn't stop. I saw a spanking video on my newest favorite spanking paysite and this poor girls bottom was so bruised that I won't show my Honey...but I want it.

I won't show him because he will seriously give me what I want...and I will be a very pouty girl for a while after...and the idea of being spanked that hard scares me to death...but it oh-so-turns me on, too. I won't show it to him, but we are working on it. I have been spanked several times a day since New Year's Eve. The results are surprisingly minimal visually...but I tell you, the bruised feeling is most definitely there.

New Year's eve we were able to find the time for spanking but not for making love...which disappointed me, but that is the way things go when you try to plan things like making love. The next day however, New Year's Day...oh did we ever make up for it. I refused to see the New Year come in without a good, sound spanking but even more, without a good love-making session. In my fantasy, My Love Spanked my ass really good. Made me kick, squirm, whine and all the while, he was holding me down by the small of my back.

The reality was pretty damned good. He did spank me good before we made love. He spanked me with the nice little things you see in this picture. He started out with the ping pong paddle. We were alone briefly on New Years Day and we too full advantage of all our really noisy toys. The ping pong paddle is always a good place to start for me. Its light so it makes a whole lot of noise, it gets the bottom quite stingy and it turns it red as came be...a nice warm up paddle. Then we moved on the hairbrush. The plastic hairbrush is much like the ping pong paddle. Its noisy, it stings a lot and it makes the bottom the prettiest shades of red. If you use the hairbrush long enough, one's bottom will become quite crimson, eventually downright maroon. It leaves me with a nice warm feeling for quite a while so this is often my "implement of choice" before going to work.
Honey has become quite fond of the tiny oak paddle. Its not aesthetically my favorite but it has some fine points as I was reminded as it fell upon my ass time after time. It can be used as one butt cheek, or it can be used on both at the same time...I guess that might depend on the size of ones butt cheeks but it handles both of mine just fine when applied by My Honey. I had the bright idea of using the homemade strap after the paddlings to "brighten" things up a little...ouch...stupid...what was I thinking? Oh my goodness. Not only had I forgotten how loud it is, I think my positioning must have been bad. Normally when I take a spanking from My Honey, I am either over his lap or bent over our trunk (I am oh so anxious to try over the couch, over the arm of the couch, laying on the couch, kneeling on the floor with my top on the couch...alas, until all of our children leave home and it doesn't look like that is going to happen any time soon and we have all their keys back), but this time, we decided to try the "touch the toes" position. It was not as painless as it usually is. Belts in general are pretty much painless to me but they make nice marks. When I'm not particularly mood for the painful side of it but Hubby wants to spank me good, this is a very good implement (hopefully he won't read that particular part of this post). In fact, it was downright painful, especially the swing went high, although surprisingly the one that landed across my thighs didn't hurt. I hate thigh hits...hate them hate them hate them HATE THEM!
It didn't take long until we were in the bed taking care of the rest of the what I needed for the first day of the year. After completely declothing each other, I used my mouth to bring My Love's erection to fully alert status. I love doing this. It gives me the opportunity to lick, tease, and swallow that loving part of him and fully appreciate his acknowledgement of my attentions. He reciprocated. We ended up in a classic 69 position. At some point, I don't exactly remember when or how, I ended up straddling him, my head bobbing up and down, and he wrapped his legs around my waist. I wondered if this was a good idea but was more concerned with what I was doing at the moment to give it too much thought. I felt the bath brush rub across my bottom and thought to myself "Oh....yeah, that's a good idea." And it was...mostly. He began to spank my bottom, cheek to cheek while I showed his cock all my loving attention. He spanked and as he spanked, his swats got steadily harder. He spanked and he spanked and he spanked. He spanked until I could no longer ignore the pain. I sat up what little I could and moan. He continued to spank me and spank me hard. I groaned for him to stop. He spanked me and spanked me harder. I struggled to get free. I locked his legs tightly around me and spanked me all the harder. He spanked me until he decided he was done. When he finally let me go, I was so aroused I couldn't sit still.
He told me to get into doggie position, which I did readily and quickly. He took out the KY and he lubed up his favorite spot to make love to me. He fingered me hard, loosening and lubing at the same time. He leaned against me, his pelvis and his cock pressing against my backside, telling me EXACTLY what he had in mind. I found myself panting with fear and passion. We rocked back and forth as he prepared my body for his invasion. Finally when he deemed I was ready, when he could wait no longer, his hands groped my aching ass, spread it wide and I felt the head of his cock pressing against me. He entered me. He didn't ease into me but entered me hard, fully impaling himself in my ass in one stroke. It took my breath away. It gave me goosebumps all over my body. It was the most exquisite pain. It knocked the air out of me. I groan of pain escaped my lips. He held himself there for a moment, for both of us to fully appreciate the sensation.

And then the fucking began. It was passionate. It was painful. It was hard. It was loving. It was everything I wanted it to be and more. My Love held me tight, he ground his pelvis into my painful ass, he groped and squeesed my tits in perfect unison to his strokes. As the passion heightened, I could hear noises and realized they were coming from me. Our orgasms came quickly and came hard. It felt like it lasted forever. I could feel My Love's cock swell as he pounded into me at a fevered pitch, as my own moans of passion and pleasure rose. We came simultaneously. The moans of ecstacy may well have rattled our entire house and definitely rattled our bed. We collapsed onto the bed, me on the bottom, My Love on top me, still impaled. We huffed and puffed and tried desperately to regain our breath. Our mouths were so dry. The waves of afterglow began. We began to giggle. My Love kissed me head, kissed me cheek, rubbed my body up and down until finally, we both could breath again, the giggling subsided and we were left with just the loving words of new lovers, old lovers, very much in love lovers....

And a very red ass to remind me for several days of the way we spent the first day of 2007.

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