Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Letter Writing

On Sundays, I try to send my love of my life off to work with nice long, sexy letter to read. It staves off the boredom and can set off quite a nice week of loving in the way that I most prefer. Its oh so grand to have a love so willing to please. I most often write my fantasies in these letters. I have to be cautious in these letters too because we all know that what we fantasize about and what we actually want to do can be very different things.

This past Sunday I must have been doing exceptionally well in my letter writing AND fantasizing. I remember it getting really hard to sit still at work. I work at night and my honey works days so while I'm sleeping or wondering around the house in the daylight hours, he occasionally has the opportunity to drop in and hang out for a while. He sure did this Sunday. He dropped in and decided I needed to be spanked..."just a warm up and preview of what was to come later..." WOW...for a warm up, he certainly had me dancing around our bedroom. I was kind of excited when he came in and led me to the bedroom. I got all tingly when he bent me over the trunk in our room (our standard spanking place unless we are getting ready to make love). He pulled up the back of my robe (I was naked underneath) and then went to retrieve an implement, which I thought would be the hairbrush or the cane. My current favorite is the hairbrush. Oh no. He had way different ideas. When he got what he wanted from the drawer and turned back to me, he had the BiGGEST grin on his face...he had The Bruiser. I tried to convince him that The Bruiser was just really not appropriate for a Sunday morning fun spank...but he was determined. I begged, he cajoled as he turned me back around to the trunk. With a sigh, I relented and hoped for the best.


Oh holy crap! It hurt! It brought me to a standing up staight poistion. He turned me back around, kissed my sizeable tushy and took aim again.


This one hit low. I don't like to be hit anywhere near the upper thigh area. This one landed half on my butt and half on my thigh. much fun. This wasn't fun in the first swing. Lets just stop now. I begged. I seriously begged this time. Once again, my love cajoled his way into one more. Back over the trunk I went, up came the robe again. The wispy feeling of air blowing across my hot ass actually wasn't bad. I was nervous. My stomach tightened up. I waited in anticipation. He massaged my ass with The Bruiser gently, rubbing the cool flat surface across my heated and already colorful backside.


Straight up again. The last one took my breath away....not that I was breathing anyway. Yeouch! Thankfully my love kept his word, put The Bruiser away and then came back to hold me and cuddle me and stroke my hair and kiss my forehead. this of course, is part of what makes it all worth while. While he held me, he told me of all the things that he wanted to do when he came home from work. The evening would begin with strokes and probes to get in the mood, then some spanking, his choice of implements and duration, then some more stroking and probing...and of course, we would have to where it went from there but he was hoping to leave me residual remembrances for me to think about while I was at work...maybe for the next couple of days...

A little scary.

A little exciting.

My heart was beating faster and I breathing was more rapid thinking about it. He asked me to get up and lift my robe so he could see my ass and the traces of The Bruiser before he headed back to work. True to its name, there was already a bruise starting from the last swat.

True to his word, it was just a preview of what was to come. After he came from work that day, all hell broke loose briefly. Kids, bills, and all the unsexy things one can imagine. So we spent about an hour or so making things right and then found some time to be alone.

We started with a lovely 69 head hanging over the edge of our bed while he dictated the rhythm. I call this his masturbating with my mouth...and I am very fond of it. He had the riding crop which he used skillfully to bring me to quite the state of arousal, along with his even more skillful mouth and tongue. We then moved to the middle of the bed. I didn't know what all was used until after it was all over but he started with a "switch," a good sized branch of a tree he found in the woods one day while hunting. It is thicker than our cane but not particularly thick in the scheme of things. He gave me 5 swats in a fan impression on each cheeks. By the fifth one, each time, I found myself flat on the bed from the sting. Perhaps he was tested me Sunday, perhaps my letter was the catalyst but he was definitely striking harder than usual. From there I can't really tell you what the sequence was but it involved, a wooden hairbrush, a wooden spoon, the cane and an open palm. And it ended in a crashing midblowing bout of severe, passionate anal sex. I just love having his hard cock rammed up my ass when we are having what I term "rough" sex. It seems only fitting and often is the only way I can come.

When it was all over, he had his climax, I had my 4th of July style orgasm, the panting was slowing, the dry mouths were quenched, we had to inspect my ass to see the damage. It was already showing signs of bruising that hadn't been there earlier. It was quite the burgandy, sunburnt shade of red. I was impressed. There you could see the cane marks (or branch/twig/switch, whatever you want to call it) that showed themselves almost as scratches. The Bruiser marks from earlier in the day were shaping up nicely. And my ass, inside and out was feeling quite pleasantly used.

I took a short nap and then got ready for work. I certainly had his remembrances with me. I had to take the occasional break at work so I could check to see if I was any more or any less bruised. It was a good day, a good evening...but we may have to wait a couple of days or so before we entertain the idea again.

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