Sunday, October 29, 2006


Okay...this one has absolutely nothing to do with spanking but I finally figured out how to make the links work!!!!!!! The way I want them anyway. It has been driving me crazy for a couple of weeks since the day I started this. DAMN IT ALL....I knew I should have taken computer programming...

but I got it now! I knew if I just kept looking at it I would figure out how to make it work the way I wanted...AND I DID!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, maybe it was elementary for some but I'm feeling like a fucking genius right at the moment.

Have to get ready for work now. Baby doll isn't looking like he is much up for a prework spanking and frankly, I'm not sure I am too...still trying to get over the last two...but I so very much want to try out the new toys that My Honey made me over the weekend. I'll probably be in NEED of spanking tomorrow night. I'm training tonight and we have two trainees on shift right now that are mostly capable of doing the work but seem to have decided that they should be exempt from doing it well...they should be allowed to do it however they want. I could learn to hate people in general. C'est la vie....It goes with the job. I can deal with all the things we deal with JOB-WISE but the crap around it...well, its probably why I need to be spanked on occasion..maybe lots of occasions...

Has anybody else been watching DEXTER on Showtime? Its a bizarre format but I like it. If you liked Boondock Saints, you will probably like this series.
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