Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Days After...

As I'm sure you can imagine just by the very first picture, my ass is completely untouchable right at the moment. It hurts to sit when I first sit down...and of course, makes me grin. This is within the first 24 hours. The first two pictures are both within the first 24 hours. Then the pictures get really good.

My Love of course doesn't always remember that he beat my ass to a very bruised yet satisfied pulp. He likes to pat my bottom as I go by, or when he kisses me, or just whenever and sometimes his "pats" are not so gentle. Right at the moment, one of those little love taps is enough to send me soaring into tomorrow.
I know for a fact that my bottom has never been as bruised as it is this week. I LIKE it...I liked getting there. Bonnie asked me what the new spanking position for us was. I'm sure its not new to others, but I was actually on my knees in front of the headboard, with my hands perched on the headboard itself. It left the fleshiest part of my bottom a very agreeable target and absorber for the heavier implements. Being bent over touching toes or in a the doggie position can be very painful and worrisome to me because, although I have plenty of cush back there for just about anything, it all seems to disappear when Bruiser comes out to play. I'm always afraid something is actually going to get hurt and then so much for fun. I saw the position being used on Realspankings.com. I suspect it was specifically to keep their skinnier girls from being injured...and it made what used to be not so pleasant a very pleasant experience indeed...except for the ping pong paddle. It made the ping pong paddle hit in all the wrong places.
When I was looking at my bottom yesterday, I was really quite shocked. I knew I would have some serious bruising going on but this was even better than I had hoped. Its almost scary. Oh how it makes me giggle though...and arouses me to see it...and know that I was able to withstand it...not just happily, but asking for it.
I suspect it will get just a little more colorful before it starts going away. I haven't looked today. I am not as touch sensitive today as I was yesterday and day before, but I can still feel that we had a very good weekend. And it still makes me very very happy.
This one I KNEW was going to bruise...well, I didn't really know it but I was pretty sure. There were only a few whacks that landed astray but when they did, they landed in the same virgin territory...oh how it burned. Oh how good it started to feel. I don't like to be hit in this particular spot but that night...that night everything was different. And oh how I cannot wait to do it again.

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