Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Color Palette

So after playing with lots of little effects with my newest and oldest pictures (like 48 hours is really old), I found all kinds of neat things I could do with photos but the truth is, these pictures actually looked much better just left alone. If I could have cut the size of my butt down or some of the less attractive features of it out, I might have gone for it...stunt double butt might have been good but nearly as much fun. are we ready for today's look?

I knew that one area was getting pretty toasty when it was all going on but I really had no idea. here is the story. One of those nights that we just couldn't get rid of the kids. Our kids are old enough to go away and usually do on Friday nights but not this Friday. I/we even tried to outlast them. Finally early Saturday morning when we were sure the were fast asleep, we retired to our bedroom for our own fun. When I walked in the bedroom, my loving man had taken out these nice "tools" he wanted to use...and my oh my did he have an assortment out. For a couple who hasn't been into this scene for all that long...let me rephrase that...for a couple who has not been active in this scene for a very long, we have amassed quite the assortment of toys...mostly at my discretion. I keep finding these things that look like they would have quite the appealing feel to them...and mostly they do. Bruiser was my idea too but Bruiser certainly gave me the opportunity to seriously ponder what a toy might feel like before I actually order. My Honey is more than happy to use any implement I buy but should I decide to fritter away the money on a toy, I can rest assured that whether the toy actually ends up being to my liking or not, it WILL get used. And so we have the lesson of Bruiser. My Love is VERY fond of Bruiser...I shutter generally speaking at the mere thought. However, I have learned that one good swat from Bruiser makes pretty much everything else not quite so painful. In fact, there isn't much feeling AT ALL after a single swat from Bruiser...although each swat from Bruiser continues to be more painful. I think I took a total of 3 Friday night, maybe 4 but only two were really with my total consent.

Where to start? I convinced my honey that I was not up for standing next to the bed as a starting point, which was probably to my benefit. I at least got the benefit of a warm up. My Baby Doll started out gently one of my recent buys, a pretty black leather paddle with a cut out heart. This is definitely a toy and not to be mistaken for an honest to God spanking tool. It will give the bottom a nice pink glow but will in no way give you that Just Spanked feel. It gets a little stingy and My Honey built up to a pretty heavy swing before he set it aside. He then moved into spoons.

The spoons are a story to themselves. We have 3 of them in our toy drawer. A smaller, lightweight wooden spoon, a medium sized, medium weight spoon and a long handled, heavy wooden spoon. My honey put the little one in the drawer thinking it looked like a good idea. I put the other two in the drawer with the same idea. He was thrilled, and a little giddy when he found my additions, placed within days of his addition. He was a surprised at the difference in the damage potential of our choices, but he was more than happy to try them out. I can tell you now, the long handled wooden one is a biter. The little one is kind of like the heart paddle...really good when your bottom needs a rest but not overly effective for the overall "been there" feel. By the time he made it through the spoons, I was feeling very "warmed up." Now, I don't really remember the order of what came next but some of the highlights were the brand new leather strap, Bruiser, the cane...well, let's make that canes and the hairbrush.

The leather strap is an attention getter to say the least. When liberally and heavily applied, it has quite the burn. This particular "burn" seemed to land all in one place...and thus we had the true beginning of the voracious bruise you see on my bottom. There were only ten swats that I remember from it but it felt like almost every single one of them landed in the same spot.

I had the bright idea of giving my love a little unexpected treat and brought Bruiser out from its hiding place. It did make My Love quite happy. Me, on the other hand, was left to wonder what the hell was I thinking. My Love takes great joy in administering Bruiser quite forcefully. Well, after Bruiser pretty much everything becomes a blur because my backside went quite numb. There was some hand use, there were some other things while we were still on the bed. There was some great rubbing and teasing going on. I mean some really great rubbing and teasing...enough to allow us to continue on for quite some time later. Sometime after my first orgasm (my Honey was holding off) he wanted me to move to the end of the bed. I'm not positive but I think this is where the brush came in. I know for sure the cane(s) did. Once again, things are kind of blur but I seem to recall a couple of sets of 10 strokes from the cane, some more rubbing, and then my honey came up and started rubbing his body against mine...from behind. This is quite erotic. He slipped into me and made love to me until just before he came...and he pulled out at the last moment,leaving me quite breathless. He spanked me some more, at this point, I can't tell you if it was with the cane or the brush, but I do remember it was quite that erotically painful kind of way...and then he was back, making love to me again. By the time it was all over, I was on tiptoes (did I mention the collar he put on me about the time we moved to the end of the bed?), he was beating my ass with the brush in time with his strokes inside me, harder and faster until he finally came, breathlessly falling against my back and just holding me. When did I orgasm again, you ask? Good question, but I know I did because I remember tingling, being breathless and having serious cottonmouth. To say the whole thing was fucking phenomenal would be the understatement of the year.

When we finally got our breath back, parted ourselves from each other and quenched our arid throats, I, of course, had to go look to see how my backside had fared. It was kind of red and awfully warm but it didn't look so bad. I really didn't think much of more of it...well, except when I tried to sit down and the obvious owies occurred...until we had slept and rejoined the wakeful world. Then I looked again. It still didn't look all that bad from the mirror but the way our mirrors are set up in our house, I still didn't think THAT much of it. My Honey saw my ass and said "Oh My God!!!!!!" Needless to say, I was curious. I went straight to the mirror again. I saw some minor bruising but you know...then I had my Honey take a picture for me...a couple of pictures. Okay, I was surprised in ways you can't imagine. I thought "Uh oh...I've seen butts like that in pictures on the internet" and was aghast! Usually in the course of some serious S&M domestic master/slave type sites (I really like to read those but I don't think I could live the lifestyle). Now here I was with a butt that looked pretty comprobable to almost anything else I have ever seen. But I was still okay with it...mostly.

Now today, I happen to catch a glimpse of my tushy as I passed a mirror. Lets have a little refresher.

Since this is what I glimpsed as I passed the mirror, you know I had to stop and take a better look. Wow. It actually looks way worse than it is, or was. It doesn't hurt. Not even way down deep like spanking bruises can. But it sure is an eyecatcher.

So, of course, I had to share.

I'm sure it won't be much longer before we are playing again but for the next couple of days, serious spanking is off-limits. I'm afraid if we tried, it would really hurt but I seriously doubt that we will wait until its all gone. I;m actually working dayshift this week and Honey and I get to share a bed like normal couples do so I don't want to let the opportunity pass me by.

Oh yeah, and before I close for the night, I have to say Thank You to Bonnie for walking me through the fixes on page. Now if I can just figure out how to links....(hint hint...)

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