Friday, November 03, 2006

Lurkers Appreciation Week!

Bonnie from MBS started this: DeLurkers Week...What a great idea.

As she said...we know you are out there. We know we have viewers from all over the UK (you people are some spanking fools), from Houston, from all over the Northeastern part of the US (probably because you are so much closer to the UK), from all over the world in fact. We bloggers are not alone...and I'm soooooooooooooooooooo happy to know that. So, be brave. Drop a line. Even a word. Just say it anonymously if you like. Just admit to yourself and us that you are quietly lurking, quietly enjoying, quietly getting a thrill that some lovely lover or spouse is getting the benefit from. Here is a short list of some of the others out there that are doing this this week.

Thanks Bonnie for a great idea!

CuddlyBum at Random Thoughts from a Random Girl
Theresa at Hungry Heart Anxious Bottom
Eva at Nothing Random About a Spanking
Elis at New Beginnings
Cassie at Cassie's Space
Grace at A Day in the Life
Tiggr at A Spanking Good Time
Gem at Domestic Discipline Spanking Stories
Padme at Journey to the Darkside
Snow at Snow Wonders
Katie at Katie Spades: The Princess of Spanking
Aunty at Aunty Agony
Anne Elizabeth at Make My Cop Come
Suzy at My Naked Truth
Don at Confessions of an English Gentleman
Kay at Brat Under Control
Tulsa at Tulsa Moda
Adam at Adam's Spanking Stories
Pandora at Pandora's Blog
Lily at Life with a Bit of Spanking
Patty at Creative Spanko Wench
CeeCi at Giardino del Piacere
Mistress Sky at Mature Mistress
Ruby at Ruby Redd
Haron at The Spanking Writers
Bella at the B____ Inside
Butterfly at Butterfly Tempress
Adele at Spanking Model Speaks

I think I'll take my own suggestion, go visit some new and some old blogs and see what kind of new adventurous ideas I might find.

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