Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Isn't it Amazing...

This being day one, the day we played, spurred on by Bobbie's Dropseat Pants, Honey and I managed some pretty shades of red and ....what you call those other colors? Shades of blue? Purple? Obviously, we had LOTS of fun. I was pretty impressed when it was all over that night and I liked the overall feeling. Isn't it just amazing how the colors change in 24 hours or less! These next pictures are just the next day...Mere hours, if you think about it, since playtime! I like watching the changing colors. Does that make me a freak? OH wait, I think liking the cause qualifies me to begin with, doesn't it.

Things have been hectic around the homefront so I haven't been able to write much and it will quite likely stay this way for awhile. Unfortunately, it will be hit and miss (no pun intended...okay...maybe a tiny pun intended) when I can. I am awaiting imminent surgery and this is one of those scary ones. Everything should be fine and I should come out good as new in no time, but its still scary...and now Honey is afraid to touch me. Good thing we had playtime BEFORE we had the doctor's appointment.

Did I happen to mention that all these wonderful colors appeared by cane? I don't so much mind the rattan...okay, it depends on my mood but overall, really, since we got the Lexan, I don't mind the rattan much at all. Most of these love marks were done with rattan but Honey did sneak the Lexan in a few times...and let me tell you, there was NO doubt when he switched (again, no pun intended...okay, maybe a little pun intended). I was lucky. He didn't use the Lexan very much because he gave the rattan a serious workout...or was it my ass that got the workout? Both, I guess, would be more accurate. I liked it. He liked it. I'm going to have to find that Lexan (now he is hiding it from me) and REALLY hide it!

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

...Until next time (oh yeah, I do have more pictures to share...we took pictures into the 3rd or 4th day...very can actually start SEEING the cane marks just before the bruising went away). So, more later.

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