Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Blog of Interest

Since my Baby Doll and I haven't been up to anything at ALL waiting for a little healing to occur and because it has been a really unusual week with mixed up schedules, job interviews and the not, I decided to share some of my favorite blogs.

One of the ones that I read almost daily is, of course, Bonnie's blog: My Bottom Smarts. This is such a cute blog. It is almost entirely dedicated to spanking experiences and is completely dedicated to the Spanko world. Little does Bonnie know some of best fantasies have come from her stories. One of my absolute favorites is about her and her husband Randy having a quickie spanking. I know from my own new experiences that spanking without sex just isn't the leaves a girl feeling like something is missing. Bonnie and Randy found themselves with a few minutes alone (and for most of us parents that can be SUCH a rarity), she was on a lunch break (if I remember the story correctly...I know she had to get work) and the moment they realized the were alone, they raced up the stairs to help get Bonnie's thought processes on track. Randy paddled her with what I picture as a fairly good sized paddle, probaby something similar to the one we in this household refer to as Bruiser. I plan on posting some pics of our toys soon but I haven't had the chance to photograph them yet. I digress. Bonnie was wearing a dress so once they got upstairs, she bends over, Randy very sweetly takes the time to lift her dress and slip off her behind and proceeds to give her about a dozen hard whacks. She was pretty satisfied with that (and I must Bonnie, if you read this, I am jealous that I cannot go twelve hard whacks with Bruiser...I'm lucky if I make it through 3 and by the 4th one, I'm not a happy spanko-girl anymore), but Randy didn't think her thoughts were together quite well enough. He tells her to stay put, he runs off and comes back with their favorite hairbrush and proceeds to whack around on her ass until it is nice and red and warm. Bonnie is, of course, more than ready to proceed on to the rest of what is supposed to accompany a good spanking, but Randy, being the kind and sensitive soul that he is, kisses her and tells her she doesn't have time for that and scoots her out to door so she won't be late (or should I say later) for work. Needless to say, poor Bonnie thinks of nothing but sex the rest of the day but has a "warm and rosy" feeling to carry her throughout her day. I love reading Bonnie's blogs because they are full of humor and love and it makes a spanko-gal think maybe she isn't so strange after all. My Loving Man has become quite the fan of Bonnie's also.

Then there is the polar opposite of the loving and humorous Bonnie's blog. The other one that I read most often is called "A Married Man's Fucktoy" I have to admit, the thing that has drawn me to this blog is morbid curiosity. Everybody is entitled to their own kink and thank God we live in country that can handle that (sort of). The writer is very creative, and she has way with words. I found in the first couple of days that I was reading that I would be going along reading an entry and be thinking things like "Okay....thats cool" and "Oh that is really hot!" and then I would keep reading. By the time I got the end of some of the posts I would be thinking "Oh my holy she crazy?" and "That isn't love...that's just straight up sadomasochism." Of course, I couldn't stop reading either. I finally figured that although a great deal of this blog is real (pictures and all), a fair amount of it is fantasy as well. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that none of her bruises show (except on the seldom occasion that something bizarre and unexpected has happened) and there is no permanent scarring or marks other than tattoos and piercings, which means it may be extreme, but it isn't insane. I find myself asking questions of myself and my Love like "What is the difference between what they are doing and a subservient wife?" and "How is that terribly different from what we do?" If you read the blog, you may think that means we get into some extreme stuff too and maybe we do, but I don't really think so, or at least I didn't until this week...but really, it was just all sex...endorphins made me forget about most of the pain and it was just good, consensual sex play. Anyway, I digress again. They are playing Master/Slave. She calls him her owner. She never capitalizes I when referring to herself. She likes to be humiliated. I don't like that personally. If I feel humiliated, the sex has probably just ceased. But the blog is good, interesting, occasionally, at least for me, thought-provoking and really well written. This isn't some dumb bimbo with no self-respect that is writing the blog. She is very creative and her writing is surprisingly poetic...considering the content. She gets her fair share of crap from people that understand and think she needs a psychiatrist, and maybe she does, but who are we readers to judge? Why are they continuing to read if they are disturbed about what she says? The single thing I have not been able to figure out is whether or not the fucktoy and her Owner are married to each other...I think it is a very good possibility.

So, I'm always looking for new blogs that can keep my attention, which is a much harder prospect than you can imagine. If you link from here to either of those, I'm sure you will be entertained, if that is the right word.

So I'm off for now. Next update of our own experiences I hope will be soon. I think my backside is just about healed enough to play again. Its still bruised and quite colorful but it doesn't scare me to look at it I'm ready to play some more. And my Honey is ALWAYS willing to accomodate my playful moods.

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