Friday, October 26, 2007

The Saga Continues

I don't know about anyone else, but the one thing I really hate about the cane (so far) are the stray swacks...and the ones that decide to loop around the hips. I don't care for that stinging pain on the hipside. In fact, I pretty well cave on that one. Thighs are the same way. Let one of the rattan devils decide to ride low and I turn into a little bitty ball covering all that may need to be covered until the initial pain abates. I have more pictures but as you can see from these pictures, I encountered a few of those. Now, I know any bottom can understand this, but it was my stupid idea to throw the cane in as an implement for the night. I was really just wanting to try out, in a real kind of way, the new paddles. Stingy little boogers, those are, but thats beside the point. Honey really REALLY likes the cane. I think it must be a phallic thing (I'll pay for that comment later, I'm sure). Honey has read my blog. Honey has seen my favorite spanking movies. Honey knows that I really want those deep marks you see on the videos. Honey also knows I am not really into drawing blood when we play so when you think about it, I think he really has his work cut out for him.

Obviously, says the sensible part of my brain, you have been watching way too movies and should probably lay off the sado-masochism before you make yourself really sorry. That, however, is not to be. Instead, I found myself subscribing to yet another spanking site this past week. "Her First Punishment" is my newest fascination. Even as I type this, I am downloading a seriously vicious, deviant, savage spanking video...and I can't wait to see how close I can get to having the same thing done to me.

(I feel the need to interject at this moment that I am SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) glad Blogger saves drafts automatically or I would have wiped out this blog by accident. Nothing will make me quit writing faster than accidentally deleting a blog that I have been working on)

So, Honey and I had been talking extensively about our next playtime, but it wasn't really working out for us to actually have a playtime. It was becoming very depressing. Honey and I were finally able to find ourselves in the home alone, time on our hands, and both in the mood. Anybody who reads my blogs very often knows that I am a HUGE fan of paddles. I wanted my newest buy to be tried out in the truest fashion. I bought THREE lexan paddles with holes. Well, they said they were lexan. And they may be but they feel way more like acrylic. They are light and stingy. One is a kind of pocket paddle. Small, transportable, I guess like a cheek to cheek paddle (pictures to be posted soon). The second one is a respectably sized paddle, with holes, probably best not used for close proximity spanking but more like for punishment It is the kind of paddle that you stand or kneel in front of your spanker and he whacks on you at about arms length away. I think this is Honey's favorite of the three. The third one...I surely must have lost my mind. Its a frat sized paddle, with holes. I like the holes. I know its supposed to make it hurt more, but I like them. This sucker is way longer than it is sensible and Honey says he is actually afraid its going to break around the handle area, so he hasn't used it a lot. Honey likes big paddles (think Bruiser) when it comes to my ass but I think this one actually makes him a little uncomfortable. He likes to think he can beat my ass as hard as he wants without his implements breaking. I'm thinking: if it breaks, maybe he was being a little too rough with my ass. He's not convinced.

Honey and I actually have much fun when playtime comes around. He has such a way of pushing me farther and farther. I have a decent pain tolerance most of the time. We started with the cane. Honey doesn't believe in spanking over clothes so we both got naked and he told me the position he wanted me in...doggystyle, pillows supporting me. Totally accessible. We had agreed that Honey would be doing some serious-type wailing on me and he certainly showed me that he isn't afraid to wield a cane. 25 strokes in all. That was my count anyway. 25 cane strokes, none of them on the light, lets-just-play-around side. Each and every one swished through the air audibly. Each and every one left top and bottom cane marks. Each and every one turned Honey on more and more. He gave me little breaks. They weren't one stroke on top of the other for the full 25. He swatted my ass a few times then would take the time to let the burn cool down some. About every ten strokes, he stopped to give me pleasure as well. Honey took full advantage of the parts that were accessible to him. He would bring my passions up to boiling point and then reposition for more spanking. Honey knows now that crying out in pain doesn't mean stop. It means give me a second. Honey knows that way to push me into longer and heavier play is to arouse me sexually as well as painfully. I do so like the two together (so does Honey, by the way, but in different ways than I do). 25 hard cane strokes that I took before we changed implements and I was as sexually aroused as a woman can be...and ready for more.

We moved on to the leather strap. Once my ass is fired up, the leather strap, no matter how hard Honey swings it, turns into a gentle massage. My silly self once thought it was just that unimpressive as a tool of torture and let Honey wield it a few times OVER clothing for fun. I was shocked at how much it hurt. Now I know...its the headspace. I can tell Honey is swinging hard when we are in playtime but it doesn't hurt. I like it. I stick my ass out for more. It brings a nice heat to the action. I was in the mood for more painful play than a strap. I told Honey when we first got started "If you don't bruise me tonight, I will never let you spank me again." Honey took this to heart. He certainly did his best to comply with my wishes.

Once Honey felt he had sufficiently strapped my ass, he came around to the front of me. His cock was so hard. I opened my mouth and he proceeded to fuck my face just the way I like it...hard, deep, makes my ass tingle for more makes the rest of my body crave more of his cock. He held my face while he pumped his cock back and forth in my mouth. He would slow only to go deeper into my throat. He pushed his cock as far back into my throat as he could. His pelvis rubbed my face. I couldn't speak. I could feel Honey getting more and more aroused. I could feel his orgasm building. I wanted it. I wanted him to come in my throat. I wanted him to shove his cock down my throat and come. I was as aroused as he was...but he didn't. He pulled his cock away from me when he couldn't hold off any longer and went back to beating my ass.

I was glad.

Granted this is not the best shot to see it, but our playtime picked up again with the paddles I had so wanted to try out...and the trusty wooden holey paddle. Everything with holes. I had challenged him to leave the markings of the holes on my ass. If you look closely, you will see that he succeeded. I don't know how many swats I took. I don't know how long Honey paddled my ass. I didn't count. I just reveled in the pain. Honey would spank me hard...very hard...and then go down on me. Then he would change implements and do it again. Over and over, with each of the new toys, always ending with Honey going down on me hungrily. My ass was beaten so well. My arousal got steadily more intense as Honey spanked. Finally, when Honey was satisfied with his work, when I felt the heat radiating from my ass so much I thought I would lose my mind, Honey filled my ass with his cock. The lovemaking was passionate, it was hungry, it was overwhelming. It didn't last that long. We were both too aroused for it to last very long. Honey fucked my ass hard and I was in a world of bright lights and fireworks between the stinging, the heat, the pain, the body was on total overload. My orgasm started in my feet, swept to the top of my head and back down again. It was a long, exhausting orgasm. It was EXACTLY as the session should have ended...with both of us exhausted, breathless and completely satisfied.

The after pictures, you ask....well, there aren't any pictures of my bruises because, if you can believe it, the bruises that I ended up with were so light they would never show up in a picture. I was SO disappointed, I can't even begin to tell you. Honey says he will have to start hitting harder. I'm thinking he hit plenty hard. My very well spanked ass looked at its best within the hour of having stopped. There was bruising. In fact, both cheeks were bruised, but I had to be in just the right light for it to be seen. OH! And my latest stupid move. The 3 paddles weren't good enough for this masochist. I had to buy Honey a "sample" pack of canes. Had I realized how thick they were going to be, I most likely wouldn't have done it but since I did, well, you know Honey just can't WAIT to try them on my bare bottom. And I'm sure he will in the next couple of days. I did tell him, however, that he would have to use just one cane per session or we wouldn't be able to tell what they did. He agree...thankfully for me.

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