Monday, March 26, 2007

Blistered Ass

Once upon a time, I used to wonder exactly where that term came from..."I'm going to blister your ass..." I was threatened often as a child, but nothing even remotely that serious EVER occurred to my ass. I thought it was just one of those exaggerations that grown ups come up with from time to time. Boy was I wrong!

I have since discovered, not necessarily by personal experience, but most definitely by watching some WONDERFUL paysites with some brave young (and sometimes not so young) women who really are getting their asses blistered. This is about as close as I get. Now...before I go any further about the brave exploits of others and the lack of ass blistering I have been subjected to, let me point out that although there are some strange little dots and such that look like blemishes or some problem with my bottom in these pictures...the only blemishes occurred due to continued blunt force contact with a paddle, cane or strap and the only problem with my bottom (other than perhaps it is a little fluffier than I like it) is that it got sufficiently beaten to make Honey, me and a few loyal readers happy. Since I have had to apply (or more accurately, Honey has had to apply) various moisturizers and exfoliators to the cheeks of my bottom, I think I can say with all sincereity that although it has been somewhat mild, my ass has indeed been blistered...and if all goes well, it will get blistered again...and in time, I truly believe that my butt blisterings, at least some of the time, will rival any girl/woman on real spankings, girls boarding school, or amatuer spankings. And as much as I enjoy reading Katie Spades stories and watching her videos, I'm sorry Doll but I know my ass can take a tougher beating almost any day (I haven't actually seen the video about the hotel room,....I really want to though). Honey and I have had some serious talks about whether Bonnie from My Bottom Smarts takes a harder butt beating than I do. I'm pretty sure the answer is yes. And I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Toy from Married Man's Fucktoy takes a harder beating than I do. But here's the thing...they have been doing it longer than I have. Oh, Honey and I are on the same schedule these days and I figure we need to get LOTS of playtime in in a very short time because in about a week and a half he and I will be doing something publicly for about 3 weeks that will completely do away with the ability to play out of fear of my bruises being seen. The truth is, Honey is one of the most gentle people, and especially men, that I have ever met. He would never do anything to me that would cause me pain, emotionally or physically without my consent...indeed, without my encouragement. He has been greatly enjoying all of our playing but it has been a little bit of an emotional turmoil for him as well....because you don't hurt the people you love...unless they want you to....quite the head spinner if you think about it too long. I would never want anyone to accidentally see my sometimes very bruised bottom and get the wrong opinion of him. Sometimes our mere lovemaking leaves me bruised. When I say I like it rough, I am completely sincere. Our lovemaking has been so intense sometimes that both of us required a trip to the chiropractor the next day. Of course, that hasn't always been because it was rough...someitmes its acrobatic...and its ALWAYS very lengthy. Unless I literally attack him, throw his clothes off and start take his exquisite manhood into my mouth, deep into my throat, and hold him there, only then can I encourage him to let me give him a "quickie" blowjob. Only then can I get him to stand before me and face fuck me. Only then can I get him to let loose his passion within the confines of my throat, allowing me to drink from him until the only sign of our "quickie" intimacy is the glow on both of our faces.

As a general rule, our lovingmaking takes no less than an hour from the start of foreplay to the finality of orgasm. Most often, I like to end our lovemaking with Honey buried deep in my ass, holding my asscheeks wide apart and engorging himself in the part of my body that has been molded to fit him and only him. This was for many years the peak of our "kinky" endeavors. Sometimes he would tie me up and fuck me in the ass and we considered that REALLY kinky. But now, over the last year or so, it has most definitely turned to spanking and spanking rituals. When I masturbate these days, its always to my ass being spanked hard by Honey. Not just love taps. HARD. The harder I fantasize he is beating my ass, the bigger the orgasm. It stands to reason then, that when playtime actually happens between us, I might WANT to push for harder play than we do. I WANT to push for it but being a relatively smart and logic girl, I just can't get the words to come out of my mouth most of the time. There is only so much pain I want to be subjected to but being the one of the two of us that has ALWAYS preferred the rough treatment, I can't really tell you where my pain threshold is and I know for a fact that it changes. I have told Honey before that once we set the rules for playtime (like 10 swats and then a break, etc) you can't change those rules. You can, of course, but it ends up upsetting me and I don't enjoy the experience. Since we don't punishment spank (at least not yet....I started the idea but Honey has been the one pushing the idea recently) its all about enjoyment. He can hit me hard, really much harder than I realized until we went to our spanking party, but if the rules get changed in the middle of the playtime, I can't wrap my head around it that fast. Now. if he doesn't tell me how many times he is going to swat my bottom, then that openness is left in my brain...a "just grit your teeth and take it as long as you can" thing goes on. If I am expecting 10 and suddenly I end up getting 11 or 12 swats, it unsettles the moment....I don't know...maybe its just me but it can come very close to ruining everthing.

Back to the idea of blistering bottoms, one of my very favorite and most watched scenes from real spankings is a girl, Michelle, I think...darker, long wavy hair, very tiny girl with a butt I would die to have....its soooooooooooooo tiny...don't get me wrong. My butt has been better and I think my butt has been least I have seen much worse, even in person, but this girl is young, skinny and has just the perfect, spankable butt (no, I'm not lesbian or least last time I check...I just know a spankable butt when I see one). It is in the series called Bare Bottom School Spankings. You can hear her breathing struggle and stagger and if you are the bottom in a spanking couple, or you are a bottom period, you just know the agonizing pain she is in...and how wet she most likely is. I want so much to have my butt spanked the same way! Oh, Honey has come way close on more than one occasion and I can't guarantee that Michelle just doesn't bruise better and faster than I do. A little secret that I absolutely hate to share with Honey, although I have shared....I just don't keep reminding that when that first swat burns like a sonofabitch...while I'm whining, protesting, telling him I don't want to play anymore, telling him what a mean bastard he is, by the time I get all that out, I am so hot, so horny, and so ready for him to really spank my ass...and when he swats my ass 5 times at that intensity, and after we have played for a while even 10...thats takes me no time at all to find subspace and want more...want it tingle with every swat, to have my brain begging to be taken in hand and really lay into the spanking of my ass....ah, but what the brain says and what actually comes out of the mouth are very different things. I know there is a point where very little noise comes out of me at all. I know I reach a point where I have to force the ouch's and ow's out because I have passed them but they are things that turn Honey on...I know have gotten into the space where I had to force them out and then Honey established a new threshold where I was once again saying them because they were involuntary responses....but that in no way means I am ready to stop. What a strange and erotic thing spanking is. Another of my favorites, though I couldn't really tell you why is some really fucked up girl named Dana who actually only get paddled over her jeans...but oh does she get paddled well. I think she has to be drunk or stoned (God forbid she is just strange) but she gets bent over to grab her ankles. Mr. Longhair who's stage name I have never picked up plants his big feet, rears back and swats her ass. It pushes her forward and she screams and grabs hold of the desk in front of her to keep from falling over. When she restabilizes, he swats her at about the same intensity again. Once again, it almost knocks her over. A third time. Once again, she falls foward and has to regain her balance...and of course, she kind of grunt/moans with each swat. This is a ten swat session so for the next seven, he places his hand on the middle of her back to steady her and begins...swat swat swat swat swat swat her steadily rising squeals of pain. Oh...I cannot tell you how that turns me on. I am wet thinking about it. It makes me want to go get our wooden paddle and wake Honey up and ask him to spank my ass just like that...blister my ass like BOTH of those videos. Alas, I won't. He has to work in the morning. Its difficult for me to ask in the most horny and masochistic of times. But our time will be coming again soon. Writing these things....its an easy for me to tell Honey what I want...but its scary writing it because I know its a matter of time before he takes me at my word. My ass tingles to be spanked as I write this. My ass thinks it needs a good blistering. My womanly parts are in total agreement. My personal preference, if Honey decides he wants to really subject my ass to the blistering I think I need, is to be taken to a local hotel room where I can let all my inhibitions down. Bend me over his lap, a chair, a bench, the bed, and spend a considerable amount of time spanking my ass with our many many many implements (which, by the way, are soon to start showing up with tales of each and every one.)

Until next time...happy spanking!

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