Friday, October 27, 2006

Its official

I guess its official. Hubby and I really some kind of spankophiles. Is this a bad thing? I don't think so. To each his own freak, right? My saying for the last year is: there is no such thing as a freak. The key is finding someone who's freak meets your freak. I knew my hubby was kind of freak pretty early one, once he got past the idea that my freak was just a way to ensnare him. When he realized my freak was for real, he started letting his freak out...that was fifteen years ago and our freaks are still emerging. His freak may be just a little freakier than my freak, but I seriously doubt it.

I found myself looking at fetish gear. I have very specific desires at this point in my ever emerging freakiness. Spanking, needless to say is top of the list and ALL THINGS SPANKING are foremost in my mind. I want a pair of spanking lounge pants. Something that doesn't scream "COME SPANK ME NOW" to the rest of the world when they see it but most certainly screams it to my love of my life. Skirts and dresses are a given. How sexy is it to have your man lead you to his and/or your favorite spanking place, have him gently bend you over to his and/or your favorite spanking position, lifting your skirt, dropping your pants, having your panties (should you be wearing any) pulled down, the way the air tickles your butt cheeks.... The problem is finding anything that isn't made of leather and doesn't leave your ass hanging out for ALL to see. I have KIDS! by golly...that just won't work. I mean, it does but I want something a little more functional. So I have decided to make them myself.

As I was perusing the many many many many fetish sites out there, the only thing I could find came from Bobbie's dropseat pants and they aren't badly priced but they are a little pricey for me...especially when its something I KNOW I can make. And although I think the pantaloons are too cool, I think they could be made where they didn't look quite so...goofy...all in all, if you have a few bucks to spare and are looking for some spanking attire, Bobbie's dropseat is not a bad place to check out at all. The skirts I have seen across the net are atrocious. They either hang your butt out of a really unattractively fitting skirt (okay, the hanging the butt all by itself out of the back of the skirt is pretty sexy but the cut would make even a skinny girl look funny) or they are like babydoll clothes. Nothing I like at all...but I have some GREAT ideas if I can just get them done. My honey is a great seamster so I think between the two of us, we can make what I envision. If so, I may actually have to post a pic or two. I like the idea of any kind of clothes you can wear out in public but just take a sweep of the hand to expose a needy bottom. I have some undie and private wear ideas too but we'll see how it goes.

Before I left for work tonight, I found my honey making certain "toys" that I/he was interested. Together, we have designed and started putting together a couple of different floggers, there a couple of paddles that I have been looking for that I just can't find (but I haven't completely given up hope), and my most recent desire, a leather wrapped o-ring gag. I love not having the control in this particular area, and I have been checking out the dental implements and o-ring gags for quite some time. AFter much research and consideration, the dental implements are out of the question. I am old enough to have much trouble with TMJ and that just looks like trouble...even if it does turn me on. the theres something I can sink my teeth into...literally...or, I guess NOT...literally. I did the wrapping and as I was leaving, Honey was attaching the headband. We debated on what would work best, fit best, be most comfortable...I think we'll have to make a few...

If there is anyone who wants to trade some attire or product ideas, drop me a line...who knows? Maybe we will come up with a spanking good line of products and clothes!

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