Friday, December 01, 2006

One Night in a Heaven aka hotel

Finally, after weeks and weeks of trying and not succeeding, grown kids coming and going, unbelievable stresses at work, bullshit so deep we are drowning, we FINALLY got ourselves a room here in town. We ran away from the kids, ran away from life as it were, and decided to recoup, just the two of us, to a solitary retreat where we could relax, we could make noise, we could do whatever we wanted in totall nakedness, if thats what we decided. We packed up a few of our favorite toys and went to check in. For the first time ever, they asked what our purpose was. Not just personal or business. They wanted more. For just a second I thought we were in a time warp. I have NEVER been asked that question before...anyway, I tgave an honest answer because I am just that way. I told the little clerk girl "We are escaping from children" The clerk looked at us funny for just a second or two and thn made up something. My husband was less than fact, he was kind of pissed off because he was convinced that they didn't believe we were married. It was really very cute. Anyway, we got checked in and here is me feeling like Scarlett O'Hara after Rhett takes her whether she wants to be taken or not...and obviously she was quite happy about it. As I recall, he also threatened to spank her shortly thereafter. If he had, they probably wouldn't have had nearly as much trouble as they did.

Let me introduce to you to my toys. These are my current favorites although they change constantly. On the far left side is a hairbrush. I saw these two different girls get their asses beat in kinds of red on Girls Boarding School. This has been one of my fantasies about going to hotel room ever since...but you gotta be able to kick and scream a little if thats going to happen. Its a singy little bugger and turns your ass red really fast, but my goodness is it loud. This hairbrush was a very good buy. Nex to their hairbrush is the late favorite, homemade paddle with holes that was recently murdered across my ass. I loved that paddle. Many firsts in that paddle. And since its demise, I have become even more convinced that that particular Daddy's helper was the source of the bruising I had been experiencing. I have had my ass beaten almost eery day this week because of work problems (a whole different story) and there are no bruises like the late, great homemade paddle. It will be missed. Next to the late, great is the very first paddle I ever bought. It is a hairbrush paddle. It mis made of this beautiful redwood, is pretty thick and is shaped like a hairbrush. It used to also be my very favorite but times change. And last but not least is the homemade strap my Baby Doll made for me. What can I say about this little charm. It has all the benefits of a belt but feels like you are welted and marked by silk. Its so soft yet fully beltlike...there is no way really to describe it but its nice.

The night had so much potential, I think both of us were afraid we would be let down. We dined at a nearby restaurant, came back to the room and rested for a bit and then we began to play. I think perhaps one of the most difficult decisions. The room had all the accomodations we were looking for: a wonderful bed, lots and lots of pillows, a bench at the foot of the bed that had possibilities limited only by ones imagination, a chair and a desk. I had hopes and plans for each and every one of them...and each and everyone of them because useful to us before the night was over...except the desk. We ran out of steam by then,

We started out playtime with both of us naked and me laying across my loves lap on the bed. What a wonderful beginning to an even lovelier evening. The late wooden paddle and my ass met several times, along with my love's hand, the hair brush and the strap. After much pinking of my bottom, when I needed a little break, my love would play with me. And oh how he knows just how to play. Between the spanking and the playing, I remember somehow ending up on all 4's in front of him. I asked him to masturbate while spanking me. This is one of those things that really really turns me on. My Love, always eager to please, was happy to oblige, It wasn't long before both of us were reaching the point of no return. Once he entered me, the lovemaking was hot, passionate, hard, loud...he tried to pull out to prolong the act, but I grabbed him by his arm and begged him to come. His body rubbing against my freshly spanked ass was just too much and I needed him to finish. We both had mind-blowing orgasms...but that was just the beginning.

This is how my ass looked after the first go round. I discovered that I like being able to really see what my bottom looks like when we have finished playing...and for several days thereafter. What I had told my Love Man before we went to the room was that I wanted my ass to bruised like it had never been bruised before. Make the cost of the room worthwhile. This isn't bad. Nice pinkish tones...I think some of the bruising was from another time but I am always amazed at how quickly everything quits hurting.

Round 2 was way more active in the spanking area.

We started that round off on the bench. It was sweet. It was the first time we got to come close to a traditional OTK spanking. I can understand all the hype. It still wasn't exactly the way I see it in my mind. If you have ever seen Girls Boarding School videos, WOW! They do OTK like I have never seen before and it really really turns me on to watch. He has down pretty good. The kicking spankees legs get hooked under the spankers legs, he grabs hold of the waist and he wails away on a bottom like there is no tomorrow. Hehehehehehe...just what I wanted...and as much as I could handle it, it is exactly what my Love gave me. My Baby Doll beat my ass good and proper the second time around. Oh, he still played with me in between, he gave my bottom massages when he knew I had reached my pain tolerance until I was ready to go more. We spent hours spanking and play, spanking and playing, spanking and playing. Toward the end, as I was bent over a chair take swats from the now deceased holey paddle, My Baby Doll told me he was going to give me a punishment style spanking. OH MY GOD...I lasted out exactly one swat. He had to lighten up much after that....but I do foresee more in the future. Being the big sissy I am, and since we don't do punishment spanking for real, it is something I will have to build up to....but I'm certainly happy to try...and the occasional ungodly hard swat can be quite...sensual...once I take my hands off my ass.

This is an example of what that sweet, innocent looking hairbrush can do to a womans buttocks. Oh sure, it wasn't JUST the hairbrush, but I assure you the hairbrush and my late, great paddle had much to do wth my looking like this...and this is after lovemaking. I wanted pictures for my sake. I think my bottom is definitely approaching the girls bottoms when they finish with them at Girls Boarding School. If you have never seen one of the their videos, they are worth catching a glimpse of. They seriouslly beat some ass and they use all my favorite implements. I still kind of cringe when I look at this picture. We took some others too and I used the picture of a couple of days after this in the R.I.P post to my paddle. You can rest assured this one hurt as much as it looks like it did, and I loved pretty much pretty much every second of it.
Tonight, we have yet another implement to try out. I have been wanting a table tennis paddle for a while now. My always willing to please love of my life bought me one today. We tested it out earlier today. Oooooooooooo...its not a perfect replacement for the late, great paddle but I think its going to be quite the hot item in our bedroom for a while.
Oh, and I was right about Bruiser. Bruiser and my ass had meetings almost everyday this week. Man that thing hurts. The most I have been able to handle without a pretty sizeable break in between is 4 swats and I wasn't happy about that at all. I think the new paddles may alleviate some of Bruisers use (although it always seems to find its way out of the drawer and onto my ass during our weekend sessions). Thats okay. If My Honey likes using it that much, I can learn to grit my teeth and bare it....literally.
I'm out of here for now. Got that new toy that has been waiting too long already!

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