Friday, November 24, 2006

A picture tells a thousand words

I haven't felt much like writing lately so I thought I would share some pics of mine and hubby's last togetherness. The kids are most irritating. They go out every day of the week except the evenings I am home. I think we may have to run away ourselves...the bums.

So we were trying some experimentation with the pictures. A girls bum is so prone to looking icky at this age.....even with the colorful bruising.. These are the first attempts.
I thought these pretty well sucked. I have seen worse, but not great and didn't show the all the bruising either.
Hmmmmm...for some reason, I can post no more pictures at the moment so I guess I will have to come back to it...or make a whole new entry later...which is probably what I will do. These are okay pictures but the others are REALLY nice...just'll see...
It was a lovely time getting to these although we haven't actually figured out what causes the bruising. We did employ Bruiser but I don't think that is the where the major bruising came from. We pretty much have it narrowed down to the homemade paddle with holes, which is where my Honey thinks the bruising is coming from. I think the bruising near the meeting, or parting depending on your preference, of the butt cheeks, which is not real visible in these pictures, may well be caused by a few well placed cane strokes.
Hard to tell. I just remember being unbelieveably happy with the whole thing but most especially the orgasms.

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