Sunday, March 18, 2007

So many stories to tell, but first....

I just want to say to start with that this is all my good friend Dark Lord Toy's fault. Granted, I am the one that hid it at the Spanking Party and was silly enough not to LEAVE it hidden in another town far far away. AND, I was also the one STUPID enough to hand it to Honey to use during playtime, but I have to tell you, that Lexan cane, the WIDE one no less, is a BITCH!!!!!! And Honey didn't even use it that much because we bought other new toys while we were gone and they were desperately in need of a real tryout. As you cacn see, we had a tryout alright...this was still early in playtime, if you can believe that. I have so much to say I don't even know where to begin. I still have many many stories to share about the spanking party, including the nice lady we met there that has me most intrigued (don't worry, I won't use any real names) but they will have to wait for another night because I just have to tell about last night. Last night...Last night was...Last night was awesome. Where to begin...

Once upon a time there was a not so young man and woman who liked to play a little rough. The not so young woman had been daydreaming, and nightdreaming, and dreaming in between of having the Honey of her Life beat the daylights out of her rather sizeable yet spankable bottom. But, as luck would have it, one thing after another kept getting in the way. Finally, after bribing the single child left at home to leave, after guilting the one that showed up unannounced into departing and not coming back until he CALLED first, and finding themselves distanced from the overprotective dog, the not so young man and woman found themselves alone, in their bedroom, with some brand new spanking DVD's playing on the DVD player and LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of toys that appealed to both of them...not always the same toys!

The not so young man thought it would be nice to spank the oh-so-spankable bottom rather gently at first (depending on which side of the spanking implement you might be on) and see where it went from there...and oh how it did go!

I'm pretty sure Honey started with a ping pong paddle. Nothing serious but many swats upon my ass as a nice warm up. It wasn't painful for the most part but had I not already been in the mood to have my bottom spanked, I must say, it certainly would have put me in the mood. While at the spanking party, we purchased an all new wooden paddle. If you have already gotten the idea, I like wooden paddles. I don't know if its because I was spanked so often as a child or because I wasn't spanked enough...or I'm just kinky that way...but wood paddles, especially the ones with holes in them are definitely my kinky favorites. As usual, I cannot tell you all the details because I really can't remember them. I remember the ping pong paddle, I remember that fucking Lexan cane, I remember this most awesome wooden paddle that we bought at the vendor's fair and I have to say, I think we will be making several purchases from that vendor in the future...great product (now surprisingly christened with my blood), reasonable price, great craftsmanship...and most of all, I LIKE it! I know Bruiser made a couple of appearances and I was not so happy about that. The rattan cane came out to play too, which by the way, after the Lexan, the rattan feels like a toy, the new leather fat paddle and the new belt-like strap that is just a smidge too long made appearances but they weren't used much. Were there any implements? I couldn't really tell you. I know my ass saw more action last night than it has seen in a long time and I would venture to say that I pretty much rivaled any spanking model out the days go by, I will be posting more pictures, but these are some pretty good ones of the activities of the night and how they progressed.

I admit without regret or shame that I have been craving some really hard spanking action...I mean REALLY hard. Honey accomodated me pretty well at the spanking party one much so that I could feel the concussion through his body as I laid across his lap...but much to both of our disappointments, the bruises incurred were so mild that they weren't even picture worthy. I was becoming quite disheartened. I thought "Oh great, we haven't been doing this very long and I'm already losing the ability to bruise well...." I was a little concerned...and here's a question for anyone out there who participates in spanking games (or punishments) on a regular basis...does your ass callous???????????????? I have this spot on each cheek that I swear is trying to callous...although a nice exfoliator and some time off smoothed it out again, but I admit, I was a little taken aback...

I digress.

These are not the pictures of the aftermath...these are the pictures of the "in progress" stages. I have made it no secret that I am great lover of ass-fucking...and skull-fucking...well, fucking in all ways but with a rough edge to them. My greatest orgasms though come from being fucked in the ass. It makes perfect sense to me. Beat my ass black and blue and then fuck my ass hard, and I'm a happy girl. Honey was of course willing to accomodate. After he started upping the power behind the swats, after he started making me emit those uncontrollable ouches and ow's and uh's, once he made my ass nice and bright and red, with a few stripes across it because it turns him on so, he moved around in front of me and fed me his cock for a bit. He had all the control in fucking my face, my favorite way to participate in oral sex and used my throat to his satisfaction with a little help from my tongue for good measure. When he was near his breaking, he pulled his cock from my hungry mouth. He left me wanting. He went back to spanking my ass and the spanking got steadily harder. Honey took the occasional break to play with me. He fondled my pussy, he teased my clit, he finger-fucked my ass and I was panting with desire. I wanted him to take me. He was only teasing me. He placed his hand on the lower part of my back and told me he wouldn't fuck me until I could take a hundred straight swats. This after an already extended playtime earlier in the day and a great deal of time spent already making my ass a burning mass of flesh. Who was I to argue. I was beyond argument. I was mostly in subspace with the desires of a succubus...all I could think about was penetration...being fucked and being fucked hard. He counted the strokes. The first 50 were tolerable. The next twenty-five caused me to break out in a sweat. The last twenty-five made me forget momentarily all about sexual desire and all I could think about was the pain and fire in my ass.

But then his attentions turned. I could feel him stroking his cock behind me. I heard the tube of KY opening up. The coolness as he applied it to my asshole was soothing to all the heated parts of bottom but my desire returned as soon as his fingers had contact with my constricted, most sensitive tunnel of love. There was very little preparation. Very little was needed. I felt the tip of his cock pressing against my asshole. I always tense up at first and I did this time too, but this time...this time the pain was good...the pain was perfect...the pain was exactly what I wanted. He didn't exactly ease himself into me but he didn't thrust himself was a steady forward motion that took my breath away. I wanted him to fuck me. I told him to fuck me. The only words that would come out of my mouth were "Fuck my ass hard." And he did. He fucked my ass exactly as I wanted him to. I rode the wave of passion. Higher...and higher...and closer to orgasm.

"Don't come yet..." Honey whispered in my ear.

"WHAT?????????????" my mind screamed. "But I need to," I whispered back to him.

"Not yet" he told me and he took his cock from me. My body was not happy. I was not happy. I felt like a little girl who just had her favorite toy taken from her by a bully.

"100 more and I'll fuck you again," he said to me as he positioned himself to spank my ass some more. Did I mention that Honey has a bit of the sadist in him? Did I also happen to mention that I have the greater sexual needs? He can hold out (although not happily) way longer than I can. Who was I to argue? I was way too far gone by then.

He counted them out again, and by the time he reached 100, he was once again pounding my ass with a paddle in a serious way...but I didn't care. I just wanted him to fuck me. And he did. Once again, he fucked me almost to orgasm. And once again, he stole the orgasm from me.

"Just 50 more" he told. I was on the verge of being angry. "Just 50 more and I'll let you come" he told me. I didn't answer. I couldn't. He took up his position. The last 50 made the first 200 feel like play slaps. He put his heart and soul into the last 10 but the 40 before it were not exactly child's pun intended. I knew my ass had to be starting to look like raw hamburger. As soon as he finished, before I even had the time to regain my breath, while my shirt was still damp from the sweat I worked up from the pain, Honey rammed his cock back in my ass and he fucked me just the way I wanted. He fucked me until he came and he came with a verocity that only comes from denial...and shortly thereafter, I came. He made sure of it. His cock so perfectly fits my ass...and there is nothing like the feel of his pelvis rubbed against and bouncing off my burning and pained ass....grabbing my asscheeks, spreading them wide apart to allow his cock to drive as deeply as possible. It was an amazing night. It was worth the wait...and there will probably have to be a fair amount of time between this time and the next because I will be having some mighty bruises within the next couple of days.

I will try to post at least a new picture every day if not a new picture and a new story. Honey outdid himself last night...and I'm so glad he did. He gave EXACTLY what I had been wanting. He just seems to be able to read my mind like that. Now that he has mostly gotten over the fear of being too rough (me? too rough? LOL) I think we have a really nice rhythm on behalf of my sub needs and his top desires...hidden as they were. I'm liking it. So is he...and hopefully you are still enjoying our journey.

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