Friday, May 15, 2009

Its About Time

So....just how long has it been since I posted? Way too long, I know that much. Life is just generally reluctant to allow me to do some of the things I really enjoy. That would not be blog posting. It would be the things that I post blogs about. Oh, I can't really complain. Life has been good. Just not quite as sexual or playful as I like it.

Since I have this time, let me share with you some of the things that I have been doing and thinking...things that readers of this blog might be interested.

To Hubby, the Love of my Life:

I still love you more than life itself. You are now and have always been the very air that I breathe. I find myself in a near constant state of arousal. No one has ever given me so much pleasure in bed...and out. I am for here for your use.

My mouth is yours to use like a pussy, if that is what you so desire. You are welcome to fuck my face as deep and as hard as you like. I have never completely understood it and don't intend to waste time pondering it but I love when my head is in your hands, or up against a headboard, or trapped on the bed and you fuck my face hard and deep. I love the feeling of your cock as it slides down my throat. If I'm not concentrating on keeping my mouth open, your cock goes deep enough in my throat to make me gag. I konw you like to see me gag. I just like having your pelvis bump up against my lips, your pace getting faster and faster. I reach up and grab your mipples and listen to you gasp. Your cock drives deeper every time I squeeze. So many times I have wanted you to fuck me, but I get so turned on that I need you to finish in my mouth. I do often control your orgasm when I suck your cock. Just so you know, it is my pure enjoyment of your cock in my mouth that pushes me to push you. When you come down my throat, it is like receiving a life enhancing elixer.

My pussy is yours anytime and pretty much anywhere. It is always open and willing to accept you. It loves your tongue and lips almost as much as it loves your cock...but there is never a replacement for your cock. When you push my legs back so my knees almost touch my shoulders, I want to engulf all of you. I love when we make love, I love when you fuck me hard, I love quickies and I love those 3 hour lovemaking sessions. I love having you between my legs, becoming one with me, becoming just a single body, a single mind, a single emotion. When you take my pussy, it feels like coming home...and we both know how much I love home.

My ass is needy. I want you to spank my ass hard, really hard, but I don't want you to as much as I do. The pain side of it will always make me say no. The really needy part of me wants you to do it anyway. I want you to spank me with your hand on my bare bottom until my bottom until it glows crimson red. I want you to spank my ass so hard that I feel it for at least 3 days after. I want you to spank me until I can no longer fight you. You are such a loving husband, you quit when I say quit. I fear that if you didn't, if you actually did to me what I want you to do, that I might not ever trust you again. I think I can honestly tell you when to push my protests...although obviously it would have to be before we started. I have such wonderful, harrowing spanking fantasies. I fantasize that we are alone,. You have a belt, our paddle with holes and the thin solid wood paddle. They lie on the bed, within your reach. I come to you wearing a somewhat loose fitting skirt and halter. As I approach, I see you also have a bandana, a ballgag, and various paraphenalia that you can tie me up with. You assure me that you will only spank me as much as I want. The gag is in case I want more but make too much noise. And this is a very real possibility. You motion for me to come to you as you sit on the edge of the bed. You pull me between your legs and rest your head on my stomach as your strong arms wrap around me. You hold me for a few seconds before you begin coaxing me across your lap. It doesn't take a lot of coaxing. Across your lap I go. You pull my skirt up so it bunches around my waist. You lovingly rub and squeeze my panty-clad bottom. You start by just gently spanking my butt cheeks and my thighs. Love taps at best. My need for something more begins to grow. You must feel it too, because you ramp up the efforts. Still with just your hand, you deliver at least a dozen hard smacks to my bottom, and then you massage my ass cheeks again. You ask me if I'm okay. I tell you yes. You can tell I am tense. You lull me into relaxation before you go on. When you finally feel I am ready, you take up a paddle. I don't know which one. This time there is no warning. You lay the paddle to my ass hard over and over. I don't have time to register anything but shock, surprise and pain. My body jerks. It responds reflexively, trying to escape the pain.,

Well, nothing kills a writing mood, especially one of the sexy type, like a freaking phone call. This is just one of the many, but similar reasons that I haven't had a lot to talk about in so long. Poor Honey and I can never find any time alone...EVER. Its very annoying, very frustrating and just plain pisses me off. Maybe I will be able to pick this back up again soon.
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