Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Weekend to Remember

This was our starting point. Hubby had wanted to spank me at the beginning of the weekend. I admit that sometimes my submissive side is more prominent than other times. The more submissive I feel, the more I like the spankings, the harder Honey can spank me, the longer Hubby can spank me...its just a different feeling all together. Even when I am not feeling particularly submissive, I like the pained feelings of being spanked...I just don't handle it very well and Honey has to give it up way sooner than either of us really want...and of course, I have no lovely bruises to look at and enjoy. Oftentimes, the bruised feeling is there, at least for a day or two, but honestly, I like to SEE the bruises AND feel them.

Hubby and I got a new toy recently...a lexan paddle. The very first smack across my ass made me wonder if I had really thought this purchase through. Then about an hour after the trial run, I was pretty sure it was a good purchase. The beginning of this weekend, the lexan really got its first workout...and yes, I like it. It wasn't a particularly long or erotic session initially. Since I work midnight shift, when My Love is on his days off, I get off work, usually check email and then crawl into bed and snuggle my icy butt up against My Love's oh so warm body. This might not have been my best idea thi s particular weekend because after I woke him up with my frozen behind, he decided my bottom needed some warming up. He rubbed my tushy for a short while and then started retrieving implements. I was sleepy but thought to myself "Hmmmm...okay...whatever Honey wants, Honey gets...and this could be fun." Honey covered me all up so I would be nice and toasty warm, exposing just my bottom as I lay on stomach. The feeling of having my ass on display like that amazing. Very hot. Then leaned back on me so he was facing my ass while his body weight held me firmly in place. I got a little worried when I realized he had me pinned...this is usually a harbinger of spanking harder than what I will appreciate. I let it wander back and forth in my mind for a second or two...I was tired, I was exposed, I worked all night, its been a while since I had one of those really good spankings...and I decided to just completely relax and accept whatever Honey wanted to do...good, bad, painful, erotic, whatever....I don't remember what all he used, but he used a quite an array of toys on my ass.He spanked for quite a while, not terribly hard but enough for me to know he was enjoying it...and all the while he held me down. He caught me a few times when it was hard enough for me to try to struggle away from him, but it was the first hint that I had that my submissive side was needing attention. He eventually quit when I reminded him that I had worked all night. He quit and moved on to the loving. The gentle strokes of his hand, lotion to sooth my red ass, KY to get me ready for the rest of what he had in mind. It was okay. It didn't take long at all until I was panting like a bitch in heat...mostly because I was. He took me from behind, in the most submissive a woman can be had. He slipped his cock in my asshole with a moducom of resistance. It hurt just the tiniest bit, just enough to make it feel so good. He fucked me slowly. Then he fucked me hard. The harder the assfucking, the higher my passions ran. He sent me over the edge when he leaned on my back, cock buried deep in my ass, holding my hips so tight while he drove his manhood deeper and deeper and whispered in my ear how he planned on beating my ass this weekend, how hard he wanted to spank me, how much he wanted to blister my ass and then fuck me, fuck me everywhere, shove his cock down my throat and then fuck my ass again and again this weekend. That was the endgame...the whispering...the does it everytime. When I came, I came like a woman who has never had an orgasm before. My entire body shuddered and quaked. Honey wasn't far behind me. As I started to come, he grabbed my asscheeks, spread them apart and fucked my ass harder and faster, driving himself to the brink of his own orgasm, until, toward the end of my own moment(s) of bliss, I felt his cock swell in my ass, stretching my asshole even more and then feeling the heat of his cum in my ass. Oh how I love that feeling. We both collapsed on the bed, panting, me on bottom, where I most like to be, him on top, his cock still buried in my ass, and we dozed off. What a way to start the weekend.

But that wasn't the end. All weekend I have been in an unusually submissive mood. I have been wanting My Love to beat my ass just like he whispered in my ear. I have fantasies of him leading me into the bedroom, holding my hand. When we get in there, he closes the door, bends me over, exposes my ass, lays his hand on the small of my back and proceeds to give me five hard swats on my ass...he gives me a break, and then he does it again. Hard. The kind that I don't like but savor in my fantasies for months after. I had seen a spanking position that Honey and I hadn't tried before and it looked interesting to looked like a position that would allow me to quite possibly enjoy some of our more severe implements to a greater extent...and I was right! Oddly enough, it was not such a good position for some of our lighter toys, like the ping pong paddle. I LOVE the ping pong paddle. It stings, its light, it leaves my ass all bright red and tingly for a long time...and Honey can really smack around pretty hard and for a bit without causing me a great deal of distress. So....My Love starts out my weekend with a very enjoyable, slightly painful but very pleasant paddling of my ass. Last night we took my submission to all new heights. There were several implements employed but I believe the main ones were the lexan, our homemade holey paddle and Bruiser. I was so right about the position. The new position session was somewhere between the first spanking session and last night, but it was good. It was a moderately painful session. Honey was spanking me very much like the videos I so enjoy watching. Not real fast, but a lot like you would expect a punishment paddling to be...without the intensity behind it. Honestly, I don't know how much umpfff he was putting into it, but it didn't feel so bad. I think this position has a future. The first and second pictures here are after those "light" sessions

Last night...last night was amazing. Honey and I stayed up way too late and almost didn't have our little lovefest. Once we got in bed, I thought maybe if we popped in a porn movie it would help wake us up. It worked. It worked bigtime! We snuggled for a bit and then Honey told me to come lay across his lap. I got immediate tingles in my womanly parts and butterflies in my tummy. Laying across his lap while he spanks me has got to be one of the single most erotic, most arousing things that I have ever experienced, second only to my expert manipulations of My Love's tongue and lips. I layed in a position that afforded me a view of the porn movie while I layed across Honey's lap. I can't completely recount the events that occurred after that. Honey started spanking me. I can tell you that much. Two hours later, Honey was wrapping up spanking me. The spanking was long. The spanking started off very mild and built in intensity. The spanking ended up Bruiser and the lexan, and it was no longer mild. I remember thinking myself in the midst of it, "I'm probably going to be really sorry about this tomorrow." Honey used the ping pong early into it. I wanted something harder. Honey used the plastic hairbrush. I wanted him to beat me with it in ways that he probably wouldn't be comfortable with. When Honey got to the serious paddles, I went into what I can only describe as subspace. I don't know if that's what it really was or not. All I know is I wanted him to use those paddles in ways that I would be feel and see for days afterward. I craved the pain. I needed the pain. I made no wasn't necessary because it was not that kind of pain. As hard as Honey would hit, I stayed still...I was all but immoveable. The more he spanked, the more I wanted. I masturbated throught about half the spanking. The other half...I just wanted to feel.
I wanted to feel the burn. I wanted the sting. I wanted it a lot. I jacked My Love off while he spanked. He cock felt so good in my hand, so hard. I could tell beating my ass was turning him on as much as it turned me on. He would take periodic breaks to rub the globes of my ass, probe the depths of womanhood and marvel at how wet I was, and then he would start again. He spanked and he spanked and he spanked. I didn't want him to stop...and he didn't. I wanted him to spank me harder...and he did. In truth, as hard as he spanked me, and for a long time too, he still could have spanked me harder in the frame of mind I was in. Every burn aroused me more. The stray strokes the assaulted my thighs only aroused me more. Honey got into a rhythm. I don't know if it was Bruiser or the lexan he used. I know he used both more last night than he has used probably all of our spankings tools since we started in this newest adventure.
I could feel heat rising from ass as he spanked...and still I wanted more. I felt heat rising from my womanhood...and I wanted more. I asked My Love to stop and make love to me once. He wasn't ready. He asked me if I could take a few more. I told him yes. He resumed his spanking. He continued his probings of my ass and my pussy. There was unbelievable period where I had a vibrator and was enticing my clit with it while Honey had the extra fancy vibrator, the one called "The Seahorse" and was delving in my parts. Since I had spent hours in the doggie position and variations thereof, Honey climbed off the bed and moved around in front of me. He fed me his hard cock. I lavished all my attentions on his beloved member. He fucked my mouth with all the passion and love that was flowing between us. Then he moved back behind me again and we made love. Sweet love, hard love, passionate love. When he got ready to come, he pulled out of me and came all over my well-beaten ass. I came not long after him and together, we collapsed on the bed, across the bed instead of the way one is meant to use the bed and promptly fell asleep, completely spent.

You can't really tell from these pictures, at least not yet, but my ass is completely bruised. After going so long without bruises, we have more than made up for lost discoloring. As I said, it isn't quite as visible in the pictures as it is in real life, but the bruising appears to be from where those dark spots are that you CAN see all the way down to the very tops of my thighs. I believe my entire ass is bruised...and it aches every time I sit down, or wiggle, or move. Its very good and writing about it, looking at the pictures, thinking about it makes me wet in anticipation of the next time.

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