Friday, March 16, 2007

Sensory Overload

Honey and I went to our very first ever Spanking Party. Wow. Thats all I have to say about that...

Okay, not really.

We didn't get to stay as long as we had originally planned and we did get our own little bit of spanking done...the very first time that I have been completely comfortable with the sound of a paddle (or anything else) hitting my ass outside the home. Why? Because there were several floors of the same sounds going on.

I have to admit, it was mine and Honey's first experience and it was a bit much for us, but not bad overall, really, especially if you happen to be single. We met some very nice spanko friends, found out that spanko's really do happen in ALL walks of life, found that the average spanko really does look a lot like most ways and in most cases, and that maybe we can enjoy our playtime pretty much guilt-free. For the singles, I think it must have been a dream come true and definitely a GREAT opportunity to meet up with others with the same needs and desires. The public spankings were a bit too much for me personally. Not that there was anything wrong with them, and they didn't include sexual or erotic content or intent at all...which I have to admit, was pretty amazing to see...but there were some whose asses I saw more than faces, and spanking during dinner was just a bit much for me. We would find ourselves dining in perfect harmony and suddenly the thrashing sounds of someone being spanking would assail the of course we had to figure out where it was coming from...I have to hand it to those folks who can put all their inhibitions aside like that. I envy them. I figure one of the reasons I really LIKE being spanked is because of inhibitions. And, quite frankly, I am a huge voyeur...and occasional exhibitionist but I could have had public sex a lot easier than I could have bared my ass for a strange man...or as it turns out...woman to spank...especially the way I like (or is it want...) to be spanked.

Honey, however, was pretty popular. He got lots of asses offered up to him. We have a picture of the one ass other than mine that he did actually spank. I am pretty jealous but he had my consent to play with two other women we met but he only had time for one. Turns out I'm not such a wimp after all. And this girl bruises so easily I was jealous! She had been handspanked the night before, easily from what she said (and I believe her) and she had bruises! I don't think a hardcore handspanking would bruise my butt and I assure it wouldn't appease my spanko sensitivities. We dont have any super great pictures to share because they don't allow pictures to be randomly taken...for obvious reason, but hopefully later this week I will put a SO hoping we have the time to PLAY this weekend...I find my ass is craving a really good whacking this week...that should make Honey happy too. Physical problems on both of our parts has kept us away from playing very much lately. We may be sorry by the end of the week but I have high hopes for this Saturday through next Sunday...

And by the way, if anyone knows where to find a good lexan paddle with holes that doesn't cost a small fortune, I would be interested in looking. I know where to find one, and I'll probably end up getting it there but its not cheap...I don't mind paying the extra money for the quality that I know I will get out of it, but I'm always looking for a better deal.

And should she happen to read this, thanks to the lady from the vendor fair that told me how to make a rubber whip...I've been tossing the idea around in my head ever since...I think I have to try it.

And also, to Sybil...we very much enjoyed your company. I hope we stay in touch.

Okay, so...Bottom's up for now...hopefully I'll be back soon!

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