Saturday, November 25, 2006

A picture tells a thousand words part 2 it took me a while but I finally fiqured out what the problem was. As you can see, we had a VERY nice time. After my honey read the blog where I said he was really easy on me but I didn't really want him to be, I was pretty much afraid to let him get ahold of my butt again. He kept saying "You LAUGHED at me...I can't believe you LAUGHED at me." I assured him that I wasn't laughing AT him, just making an observation. Being the big chicken that I am before I let him do anything to me at all, I made him promise not to hurt me...which of course he couldn't do because what would be the point if there was no pain involved? I gave in and said "Okay...well, no more so than usual...."

Being the loving man that he is, he agreed...mostly. As you can see, it wasn't all that bad. We were actually trying to figure out where some of the bruising comes from. Believe it or not, it looks way worse than it was...or maybe I just don't feel it so much during the course of "things". Anyway, it was blast and the after effects were way better. I found myself clinging to my husband in ways than I haven't in quite some time. It was amazing when we moved from the spanking to the loving...actually, I guess its all loving in the way we do it but this was just so much better than usual.

This is my favorite of the pictures. It is the one that most accurately depicts my butt in color, shape and least in my mind. Some of the bruises I have found absolutely baffling. I can't imagine where they came from. I still don't necessarily understand the psychology of why I like having my ass beaten by husband, particularly by different rather hard instruments, but for now at least I've decided I'm not going to worry about why and just indulge in the favorable sensations. I do like it. It hurts like a sonofabitch, and I get mad at him sometimes for going farther than I want him to but really, I love every bit of it. Especially afterwards. I pout, I huff, I act all bent of shape...and then he goes down on me...

And then when he makes love to me...well, he can beat my ass all he wants if we keep having orgasms like that.

Just as a little preview....this past weekend, enough was enough. We stole away finally to a hotel room, which has been really scary to me because my loving man knows that I have wanted to be somewhere that I can make much pain noise and him still keep loss of control on my part. In fact, I told him I wanted both my ass cheeks to be more bruised than they have ever been by the time we left the hotel...or at least the potential of the worst bruising ever....and this weekend, we got the room....

Until the next post...

Now if we can just get rid of the kids more often.....

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