Thursday, April 19, 2007

Where does the Time Go?

How well do I remember this day? Not anywhere near well enough. I am feeling needy. I was looking at the dates on our last picture taking. We have had some playtime since the last pictures (March 18, if you are interested). We have had sex since then. We have had some really good sex and some decent playtime since then...but not enough...and quite frankly, too little playtime and too little sex makes this little Plaything very very cranky. Oh, its nobody fault. We are getting older. Another kid moved home (was actually encouraged to do so, in case you were wondering). I have two jobs and a hobby that takes up an enormous amount time...and I have a boss that quite literally gives me nightmares. It isn't that he is so scary. Its that he makes me so angry. He is so unknowledgeable...and he so wants to fire me...and I'm not at all sure why but the general consensus of those that know the situation is that I threaten him...I'm not sure how. Challenge his masculinity? He would have to have some before I could threaten it. Point out that he doesn't know his job and that our training dollars are going to him in an attempt to make him at least half as knowledgeable as the rest of us? That might be part of the problem. That I have pointed out to him that I have twice as much experience and a whole degree more than he has therefore he will probably NEVER know as much I do? That could definitely be a part of the problem. The fact is, though, that he got the job, he is my boss and I have to do what he says...another point that I have brought up. The fact that he is harassing me because he can't take the heat (his errors and then his errors being pointed out to him) makes my job way more stressful than I can even begin to describe. He has no sense of humor about himself as he pointed out in one of the many letters of disciplinary action he has given me...because I made fun of him...I would have way more pride than to EVER acknowledge to a subordinate that they had gotten to me by making fun of me, but in addition to having no integrity, it seems he has no pride either. C'est le vie. I'm waiting for the rope that he is wrapping around his neck to strangle him while I watch from the sideline. And of course, this is a HUGE part of why I want to have my ass beaten from time to time. I'm not sure how all that works psychologically. I don't really even care most of the time. All I know is that after I give in, give myself over to it, let Honey blister my ass really well, fuck me like there is no tomorrow, especially if ass-fucking is in the equation, when its all over, all my bones crack and I just feel 100 percent more relaxed. Why does it work? Don't know. Don't care. But I'm in need. I'm in need of a good working every way.

This is our newest and currently one of my favorite toys. Its lighter than Bruiser, MUCH lighter and it doesn't feel like its going to break anything no matter how hard Honey decides to smack with it. It makes as good warm up as it does a serious instrument. It stings and if you used with a serious wallop, it leaves all the nice feelings and bruises that a really good play time should leave pun intended. I like it best as a serious implement, I think, but I go back and forth...depends on the day and the needy factor. Today, I think I would find it quite satisfactory. Honey is pretty fond of it too although we haven't really discussed what it is he likes so much about it.

This, of course, is my absolute favorite. Its leaves wonderful marks to remember the playtime by (which I LOVE) and its way lighter than it looks. It stings, sometimes it hurts lots, but I am particularly fond of a few really hard whacks to start with from this little friend. Oh, sure, I complain. I whine, I pout but it has the oddest effect of making me want more...and harder....and more...and harder...:)
This really is Bruiser, although if I were to name it, I guess it would be Bruiser Light. It leaves bruises almost every time it is used on my bare bum and the marks are always different. I like the bruises. I have to be a bit cautious at the moment because my bum has the potential of being exposed in a semi-public, I'm not stripping but I would hate to have others see them and then have to try explain it. My brain works quick but not THAT quick.

This is my absolute favorite...anytime. Its a plastic hairbrush and especially after we have been playing for a while and my bottom has already been heated up, Honey can really take some agression out on me, on my ass, pretty much as long and as hard as he wants with this little gem. I love it. The only drawback is that it is really really really loud. I'm pretty sure everybody in the neighborhood,much less inside the house, can hear it when we use it. It has a little sting to it and it warms the bottom up nicely...really nicely. My ohsowhite ass turns bright red and looks like it has been a paddle war but it doesn't feel that way. I like the warmth. I have to say, if my bottom doesn't get just roasty enough, the sex isn't quite as good. I love feeling Honey's pelvis rubbing and bouncing against my hot and stingy bottom. Sigh...I'm getting wet thinking about it. And no fun in sight yet.

Ah yes...this is a perfect example of what a toasty needy bottom should look like. I'm sure there was awesome sex, awesome blowjobs, awesome cunninglus, awesome anal sex after this playtime. No doubt in my mind. And no doubt in my mind that it is EXACTLY what I need now. RIGHT NOW, in fact. Making love is a wonderful thing but sometimes a girl needs to be shown the love in a little different way. Give me passion, stingy, sweaty, wild, painful, hard, sexy, breathtaking sex...especially when I am feeling needy. Leave the quiet sweet adoring lovemaking for when I want to be cuddled, when I just need to feel the closeness. they are both good, no doubt about it, but I like the cardiosex more often than not.

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