Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I hold my breath in anticipation. Honey rubs the cheeks of my bottom gently, tenderly.


It sounds like a gunshot in the room and rings through my body. "Ugh" comes out of me without my being able to stop it. He has swung hard and my ass is on fire. I can't tell what he used but I know its one of our wood paddles.


"OW!" My tone protests this assault. I get a reprieve. Honey moves around in front of me. He has decided to let the burn in my ass settle in. He moves directly in front of me. He has aligned my body so that my mouth is in the perfect position for his use. He knows how much I love to have my mouth fucked. Its not merely giving a blowjob. I don't control the action...he does. He puts his hand gently under my chin as he guides his cock to my mouth. I open without a word spoken between us. I hope my mouth open wide so he can slide his cock down as far as he wants. He goes deep. Not as deep as he could but all the way to the back of my throat. He moans. He bounces the tip against the back of my throat a few times before he begins his withdrawal. He slides his cock across my tongue until only the tip is left and then he starts the long trip forward again. He does this several times, picking up the pace and forcefulness with every downward stroke. It only takes a few strokes before he is pounding my throat with his hard cock. I can barely breathe between strokes. He holds my head tight as he fucks my mouth. I can feel him coming close to orgasm. He shoves his cock hard and deep into my throat and holds it there. I can't breathe. I am thankful I took as deep a breath as I could before now. It is taking great concentration not to gag. I pride myself in my ability to not gag. I gag anyway but only a little. He fucks my mouth until he is on the brink of orgasm and then he forces himself to stop. He kisses me hard on the mouth. He moves back around behind me.

He admires his work, the red marks on my ass from the mere two swats he administered. Without warning, he shoves two fingers in my pussy. "Just as I thought," he says to me mockingly. We both knew what he would find. He knew I would be wet. My pussy keeps contracting because I am so horny. "Not just yet baby," he whispers into my ear.


10 hard swats on my ass with one of the wooden paddles. I cry out with every one. He is hitting me unusually hard. I know tonight it won't matter if I ask him to stop. He won't. I hate the ballgag and have been forewarned my protests will result in the ballgag. He rubs my ass gently with his calloused hands again.

I hear it before I feel it. SWOOSH! Its a cane. Given the fact that I am not in intense pain, only a severe burn, I think it must be the rattan. Ten times he strikes my ass. Some swats stray and cause me to cry out extra loud. The cane has a terrible tendency to wrap around the side. The treatment is both brutal and gentle at the same time.

Once again, the gentle caresses of calloused hands. His pelvis rubs against my heated bottom. His cock slides back and forth between my legs, sliding against my clit. He retracts again.

10 more hard swats with a wooden paddle. My ass is on fire. I feel like the skin is going to explode with every swat. Then the tenderness. Soft lips kissing the pained areas of my ass.

10 more, this time with the lexan cane. Nothing hurts like the lexan but its especially brutal tonight. It feels like he has drawn blood but he has never drawn before so I don't know. My breath comes in gasps because it hurts so much. Each stroke causes me to arch my back and pull against my cuffs. I am being very verbal tonight. Each landing of the lexan cane causes a groan, a yelp, a curse. I feel the welts rising.

Then my reward. Without warning, he grabs me by hips and thrusts his cock into me. Its shocking, it hurts for a second because I am not prepared. He fucks me hard. He forces my body into his over and over, slamming his pelvis into my aching buttcheeks. I feel his thumb pressing against my asshole. He massages it first, getting me in the mood, then he shoves his entire thumb into my ass in one quick motion. It hurts. I am in heaven. While his cock fucks my pussy, his thumb fucks my ass. This is pure ecstasy...

Until he stops....

In one swift motion, he pulls both his cock and his thumb from my orifices. He grabs hold of my waist and rains down blows upon ass with that I believe to be a hairbrush. Over and over and over and over. I think he will stop after 10 like he did with the other implements but I am wrong. He just keeps going. Back and forth, from one cheek to the other. i can't help myself. I try to jerk up. I beg him to stop. He spanks my ass harder everytime I ask him to stop. All I can say is "Nonononononononononononononononono" but he is still ignoring me. I know his arm must be getting tired because the pain has become so severe I am turning numb. Now my ass is really on fire. This is the way I like it. Now my ass is getting to the way I like it to feel when Honey fucks me silly.

Finally after about 5 minutes (that feels like an hour) he stops. My breath is jagged. I am near tears but I don't cry. He still has my waist in his hands, my ass still on display to him, available for his pleasure.


Its the lexan paddle. The lexan paddle is like no other paddle ever made. It hurts like hell in the most tolerable way possible. 10 hard swats to my ass. I feel the pain but I have moved passed it. Now I just cry out from time to time. Now I just take it. Now I am yours totally and completely. You recognize when it happens. You slam my ass a few more times with the lexan paddle, move on the leather strap. You wail on my ass with the leather strap because you want my ass to look as on fire as it feels. You know after the other implements, the leather strap is like a massage for me.

Last but not least, you break out Bruiser. You blast my ass with Bruiser 3 times and then you fuck me again. The fucking is hard. Its passionate. Its breathtaking. It rocks my body with each stroke. It knocks the breath out of me. He pulls out and assaults my ass with 5 more blows from Bruiser. He resumes fucking me ...again with the fierceness and abandon of an animal. His thumb finds its way back into my ass. I am a solid mass of sensation. I moan. I don't realize when I start. I hear it and then realize its me making the noises. My asscheeks are on fire. My asshole craves cock. My pussy is getting fucked good and proper. My brain is all bright lights and fireworks. There is no longer thought. He pulls everything out of me again. He moves around to the front of me, lifts me to cock level and fucks my face with the same abandon that he fucked my pussy. His cock reaches down into throat hard, fast, and furious. I try to pull away. I gag. He holds my head so I can't get away. He waits til the gagging ceases and I have somewhat regained my breath and then he shoves his cock down my throat again. He holds it there for long enough to scare me and then retreats.

We are on the final round, I can tell.

5 swats with the lexan cane...Honey's favorite.

10 swats with the midrange wood paddle.

10 swats with the holey paddle. No breaks. A tongue on my asshole...10 more swats with the holey paddle. A lubricated finger shoved hard into my ass. 10 more swats with the holey paddle, the hardest yet. The head of a cock pressing into my ass. One hard shove and it sinks all the way to his pelvis against my blood red asscheeks. I cry out in my pain. He pulls his cock completely out and then shoves it right back in again. This is payoff. He starts out with his hands holding my hips hard enough to bruise as he fucks in and out of my ass hard. His hands move up to breasts where he squeezes and holds on like a set of reigns on a bucking bronco. As orgasm nears, his hands move back to my bruised and battered asscheeks. He spreads them as far apart as they will go. The strokes get steadily faster and harder. I feel his cock getting fatter as orgasm nears. I feel my own passion rising. I am so close to cumming myself that I don't even know the noises that are being emitted from wide opened mouth. He voices the imminent approach of orgasm. All abandon is completely lost to both of us as a chorus of orgasm as echo'd throughout our room.

He collapses onto my back. I, in turn, collapse under his weight and the exhaustion of the session.

This is as close to heaven as you get.

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