Friday, October 20, 2006

The Week of Trial and Error

What a wonderful week we have had. Slowly but surely I have been getting braver and last night was all but a free for all! Throughout the course of this week, we have been playing around, pretty much every day with spanking...different implements, different positions, different times. Most days this past week I have gone to work with at least a stingy bum and have been quite surprised at how quickly the sting (and the marks that accompany it) go away. ..and I have been disappointed.

We started last Thursday. My honey decided he wanted to try various implements on my ass. He has discovered that spanking me, even lightly, is quite the turn on to him. Since I am still in the learning process, I made the mistake of picking and choosing when he spanked me and what he used...well, at least to some extent. It took until about the middle of this week for us to get THAT part straightened out. It is difficult for me to relinquish control of just about anything but it turns out that it is way more fun for him to decide when, where and what. Thats in a later part of the story.

We have a fair share of toys that we have tried out or intended to try out over the last couple of years. I seem to have an ass fetish, which fits in nicely with my honey's ass fetish. Almost anything that has to do with my ass is a turn on and it seems that includes spanking. My love of my life has always been respectful of my pleasures. It is not him that ends up suggesting we try all the wonderful things we both enjoy...most often it is me, particularly if it is something that is going to involve the potential for pain. I started watching spanking videos on the internet. I was very discreet about it at first but over time I shared them with my love. He found them as exciting as I did but initially when we tried the spanking thing, I found it too painful and backed off...but I kept watching the videos. And I kept getting turned on. I have found my body tingles to the IDEA of spanking and has for as long as I can remember...even when I was a little girl. I would both fear and dread being spanked but it would also excite me...and maybe that was what enticed me into being such a curious and naughty little girl. As I reached adolscence, reading about spanking, seeing spanking, knowing someone was being spanked would make my private parts tingle and would elicit an unexpected response from me. I fantasized about being spanked and taken forcefully (not BY force but forcefully...okay...maybe by force on occasion) but never really considered acting on the fantasies. They were, afterall, painful. My love of my life, however, has changed all that over the years. We try out anything my devious little mind can think up and he is patient enough with me to ease me into an enjoyment of my fantasies. I'm not much into role-play so we don't do the Daddy talk (although my honey would really like it if I could bring myself to call him Daddy from time to just feels too wrong to me) and I can't bring myself to call him Sir or Master...there again, it just feels wrong. We are a mostly rip-your-clothes-off-and-get-after kind of couple.

Okay, so last Thursday we spent the day making trips to the bedroom to try out various implements. We tried the cane (5 good strokes just to try it out...ouch). It left a nasty sting on my butt that I rather enjoyed but it went away relatively quickly. Another trip for the hairbrush...I'm not sure how many times he whacked with that...Its a kind of plasticky one that makes a whole lot of noise and gives a respectable sting with a bright red butt as an added bonus when applied with a relative amount of force. This is a little bit of a problem because it is for the most part my favorite but as I said, its loud and we have 2 sons still at home. We are NEVER we have to grab ever second we can alone (it is literally mere moments we can grab when one of the two of them isn't here) or find ways to cover the sound. We are getting pretty creative. Of course, both of these trips were spent on the bare. When that trip quit tingling, we made another trip. I think throughout the course of the day we used the cane 3 times, the hairbrush 3 times, 3 different wooden spoons, a long thin paddle that I have no name for...I think that's it with the exception of the final...which was used 2 or 3 times that day but not by my choice after the initial blow that we have since dubbed "The Bruiser." I'm not terribly fond of The Bruiser and we named it such because it is the one and only implement that has consistently left my ass bruised. The cane has moments but The Bruiser is a guarantee. Of course we have made love off and on as well but not always in conjunction with the tryouts. We have been working on my tolerance and discovering what each of us likes best through out the week...its been GREAT! I can only think of one night in the last week that I haven't been sent off to work with an achy or stingy butt just to remind me of our newest kink...and that new kinks mean ever more active sex life...which has seldom been lacking in the entire time we have known each other. We have, for the most part, prided ourselves in the fact that our sex life has ALWAYS been more active than most couples and way more active than most couples who have been together for as long as we have. Okay, I keep getting slightly distracted...I have been all week in fact. The Bruiser is not my favorite implement for the most part, but it is one my darling's for me...but not all the time. One night in particular, he thought it was a good idea to take me into the bedroom before I left for work and reintroduce The Bruiser to my butt. Wow...oh yeah...I was aware of our meeting most of the night and my honey called me off and on throughout the night to see how long it lasted.

We still haven't gotten to do a hotel room. Money and time just haven't been working we had a really crappy houseguest for about 2 was our idea but we had no idea what a crappy houseguest he would be. Last weekend we were finally going to go to the room but he moved out and we were just so excited about it that we decided to stay home. Our plan had to been to get the room early in the afternoon, have a fairly easy spanking and then lovemaking session, come back home and make sure everything was okay, go back to the room, cane my ass pretty good before we went out to dinner with friends because I wanted to be able to feel it all through dinner, then after dinner go back to the room and proceed with a real spanking session, really wear out my ass, possibly try to make me cry (my love of my life thinks I am in desperate need of a therapeutic spanking because I haven't cried in 2 or 3 long that I can't remember exactly how long but I'm pretty sure it was when my grandmother died so he may be right) and then make love all night. Well, it didn't work out exactly like that. We did cane my ass before dinner, but we did it at home...and we were running late so I think I took 10 medium strokes and we were out the door. It was good but it could have been better if I weren't consistently running late. Okay, so the rest of this week has been just experimentation...a bruise here and there, some light swats, some harder swats, no less than 3 strokes of any implement and up to about a dozen at a time just interspersed at various times throughout the days...until night before last...we did it up right night before last...but we still didn't make me cry...still didnt go to a hotel. It was a creative night.

Remember we are still in the experimental stage. Very new to the spanking scene. Before very recently the only spanking we had done had been by hand and belt...the belt has in the past been my favorite but it was dabbling, not even really experimentation...and we KNEW that if my honey took our brush type paddle and whopped on my ass as I neared orgasm that it could bring me to an earthshattering climax. Night before last I believe my love tried out every implement we have (by the looks of all the toys scattered about our bed when it was over) and my goodness do I have a way better tolerance than I ever thought I did. We spent an HOUR finding out what kind of tolerance my butt has and seeing if we can get it to bruise. We got the bruise alright, but only by The Bruiser and we were marvelling tonight as the color sets in that I just happen to have pretty much the perfect imprint of The Bruiser across both of my butt cheeks. My love is very good at the play for a relative newbie (he actually has a little more experience than I do since he was once hooked up with a serious submissive masochist) and he loves me enough to want to hurt me but only in a good way. I can't even remember all of it but I know we would run about 10 to 12 swats from one implement before moving on to another so there was a constant varying between stingy swats and thuddy ones. Anyone with any experience with this knows they are very very different...and it would be interspersed with loving licks and probing digits. The more turned on I got, the more I wanted to be spanked...and of course, the harder I wanted. My loves favorites are the cane and The Bruiser and by the end of the session, I was taking both with considerable respectability. I did, in fact, actually ask my love to hit me harder with The Bruiser. He looked appreciatively surprised and complied with my request...and he actually before I might have. He asked me if I wanted more after about 5 pretty hard strokes and I just couldn't bring myself to say yes. I couldn't bring myself to say no either. I couldn't bring myself to say anything. I was off in lustland and could really only think about having my love sate his spanking desires so he could sate my carnal desire. My ass ended with a great many cane stripes, a rashy looking red splotch on each cheek of my derriere and what looked like might a couple of prominant bruises forming...which of course, have now formed. We ended with an earth shattering anal romp (pun intended) that left both of us breathless and exhausted. As I said earlier, I have an ass fetish...I love all things butt related...especially if it involves the use and pleasure of my ass. Spanking and anal sex just seem to be a natural progression to me...and since I am an anal lover anyway, I couldn't think of a better way to end our first true spanking session. It has been nearly 48 hours since our play date. My ass hurts as I sit on my nice cushiony couch. I received a brief spanking before work last night, but for the life of me, I can't remember with what...pretty funny now that I think of it...but I think I asked for The Bruiser before work...We have tried brief play today but only because my oh so creative hubby has a ramrod for a long rifle that he thought would make a dandy cane and he some rods he uses to make arrows that he also thought would be interesting so we had to try them out as well. That was about the time I realized EXACTLY how bruised my bottom is. I know we didn't go over 10 swats total and quite frankly,the rods he uses for arrows were almost sensationless...although he did rectify that before all was said and done. I think perhaps we need to take it easy for another day or two but I can't wait until our next session...we may have to pick out just two or three implements so I can remember what happened and write about it!

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My Bottom Smarts: Pain in Full with Interest

I love this blog. It has to my absolute favorite so far. I have turned my husband on to it as well and my oh my where it leads everytime he sits down with it...mostly it leads to my NOT sitting down for a bit. Our spankings are similar to Bonnie and Randy's. They do not always lead immediately to lovemaking (but then neither do theirs) but they are ALWAYS a precursor...We are new to the scene which is why I started blogging. It isn't exactly something you share with friends at work...although it often brings a secret giggle out that no one understands but me....and probably makes my co-workers think I've gone a tad bit crazy...not that they don't think that already. We are very much enjoying the experimentation...pretty much on a daily basis...and I have the sore bottom to prove well as a bruise or two. Should all go well, either tonight or at least later this week, I will share the experiences of this past week. It has been one of pain, pleasure and pure unadulterated ecstacy. Like so many other things in my life where sex is concerned, I am left wondering why it took me so long to discover this?

My Bottom Smarts: Pain in Full with Interest

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