Friday, March 09, 2007

Spanking Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a couple of posts that I need to make...or have been meaning to make but life has been crazy lately. Most of it good but not all and all of it keeping me very preoccupied. I have been visiting a few new blogs...I'm always in the mood to find a new sexy blog. Honey has been on the mend and we have been oh so careful with his back (except once) so we could enjoy our very first spanking party/convention. It didn't work out that we can stay for the whole thing like we had hoped but we will manage at least half of it and that is way better than none at all. I'm so excited that we can FINALLY be somewhere that if Honey ends up getting me into that subspace territory, which I know he will because its where I want to be, that he can hit hard enough to make me make noise (which generally speaking, real noise requires a pretty hard swat) and not have to worry about the police being called, which is so much a bigger issue than I could possibly relate. No worry about kids hearing the paddle smacking against my ass over and over and those tell-tale noises, even quietly, that are such a giveaway. Just Honey, me and a bunch of spanko's all doing the same basic things for at least 24 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told Honey that if I don't come home bruised and uncomfortable, then he should be ashamed, this is the perfect time, the perfect place and the perfect opportunity. I'm so excited I have butterflies in my tummy. We are taking ALL of our implements with us and I think I should be able to come back with WEEKS worth of good stories to share...I'm so excited I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of stories...

I am one of those women that doesn't just like sex, doesn't just crave sex, but apparently has some innate joy of sex. I LIKE to be awakened with a penis or a tongue invading parts of my body. The runny part is that I don't always remember it until sometime triggers it. That happened this week.

I fell asleep WAY before Honey did. When he got ready to go to bed, he gathered me up and took me to bed with him. I don't remember this part at all. What I do remember, and it has taken days to get all the details to come back, is that :
#1) There was oral sex involved. I THINK I first received but I do recall Honey climbing on top of my chest and seeing his wonderful penis headed toward my mouth...and my mouth, asleep or not, was more than happy to accomodate. I remember him fucking my mouth quite deeply and enjoying it very much. I remember the feel of the tip of his penis deep inside my throat and wanting more....wanting to feel it deeper in my throat and feeling those little tingles in my feminine parts. I felt my nipples tighten up. The feeling of his beautiful cock fucking in and out of my mouth always turns me on, but in that sleepy, dreamy state, its absolutely phenomenal.
#2) I remember Honey licking my most feminine parts and my ass and not knowing which I wanted him to fuck more. I don't think I even cared as long as cock found its way inside me somewhere.
#3) I remember orgasms...his and mine. It was sleepy. It was dreamy. It was wonderful. And when it was over, we both went to sleep (back to sleep for me) and I awoke the next morning with a smile, feeling relaxed, feeling like this was going to be the best day ever...and it most certainly was.

Honey has always appreciated the fact that I react to his advances both awake and asleep. He says it lets him know that I'm not just pretending to enjoy it (we were both married before, remember, and neither of our spouses were anywhere near as sexual as we are) I really do enjoy it. It was naughty and evil and totally lovely getting glimpses and remembrances all the next day. I do so love when Honey makes me love to me when I'm only half awake.

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