Tuesday, October 02, 2007

More Fantasy

I don't know what is going on with me and Honey for sure. Well, actually I do. We aren't being as physical as we were not all that long ago. A lot of changes and just basic crap has been going on for both of us. I had surgery, he is looking at surgery, I may be having more surgery, my mom is having surgery and oh...I'll bet I didn't mention this. After almost two decades of employment at the same location, with the same organization, I have quit my job. That has got to put a strain on my Honey but he encouraged me to do it. Unfortunately, he and I used to work together. Its how we met and fell in love. Now we don't work together and I think it is making work all the more difficult for Honey to handle. I know he is in a lot of pain. We don't have all the injuries worked out yet, but its in the works. We hope to have him fixed in less time than it took to get mine worked out. And I'll be able to be home with him while he is getting fixed. I think he is afraid to touch me since my surgery, too. I know he is afraid to be as aggressive as I actually like. Whether its regular fucking, throat fucking, anal fucking or spanking, I tend to like it on the extreme side. I think I have probably mentioned that once or twice before. Well, with Honey being afraid to touch, we haven't been doing a lot of anything...but I have had a really rich fantasy life as of recent.

My latest was inspired by the famous Oriental rape scene. Don't ask me which one. It was all over the "hurt me please" websites last week. It shows a beautiful Oriental woman with her breasts hanging out of her Kimono. Her legs are bound to a spreader bar (although it probably was just called a stick) but its not the way we are most accustomed to. The bar didn't go between her ankles. Her ankles are bound so the bar is actually behind her and her ankles are bound forward. It looks very interesting. It leaves a girl awfully open for anything a slightly sadistic man might want to do to a helpless, slightly masochistic girl. My fantasy is a little different:

I see myself being bound. Something Honey and I haven't really been able to play with much the last few years because it became too painful...and not in a good way. That has been surgically corrected. There are still some things that need to get fixed before I can hand full out bondage but I think this one would work. First, my wrists are bound to the headboard. Let me say this is not my favorite idea because I am such a fan of masturbation...in fact, most of my sexual life I have masturbated at least 3 or 4 times a day. I like to have my clit stimulated...what can I say. After my hands are bound, a spreader bar is placed behind my knees. The spreader bar is then bound to the headboard. This would leave my body almost completely folded in half, me absolutely unable to move in any "guarding" kind of way, and leave all of Honey's favorite spots open and available. After Honey finishes securing the spreader bar to the headboard, he shoves two fingers into my pussy. "As I figured," he whispers gruffly to me. I am completely wet. He trails his fingers to my anus. Gently, he applies pressure as he massages. I can feel myself open up, inviting him in. He slips a finger in, but only to the first knuckle. Just a tease. "Ready, are you?" he teases me. I am. I am completely at his mercy. And I'm so ready to be fucked.

"Not yet. You have to earn your pleasures today," He says to me. Butterflies are going crazy inside my stomach. Anything. Anything he wants is fine with me, as long as he takes care of the raging horniness. His hands massage my buttcheeks. "Oh yeah...you have a long way to go before I fuck you," he continues to tease. SMACK! He uses his open hand to slap my ass. It makes way more noise than cause pain. Still, it makes me jump. That is when I realize I have been holding my breath. Playtime has begun. He rains down handslaps on my ass, making it a bright red. I jerk with each and every one. They didn't hurt in the beginning but the continued slapping begins to sting. I stay silent. The slaps are echoing in my ears. After a good 3 minute handspanking, Honey decides that isn't doing the trick.

He moves on. The plastic brush is next. The plastic brush is one of my favorites. Honey can really wail away on my ass with that one. It stings but it is most tolerable and leaves quite a nice glow. Honey, of course, knows all this. In my very bound (did I mention naked?) state, I cannot relieve the tingling that has begun in my nether regions. Honey lays his triceps across the back of my legs and holds my legs tight against my body with his body and arm. He has a perfect target...my ass...in all its glory. He rubs the plastic across my ass. My breathing comes in short gasps. The first swat echos in the room. It stings. He bring the brush down again, this time on the other side. He starts bringing the brush down over and over, from cheek to cheek. I couldn't count if I wanted to. Honey is really getting into the nonstop swatting action. He doesn't stop until his arm gets tired. I wriggle under his weight. It doesn't hurt so much as sting. I can feel the redness growing. When he finally tires, some 100 swats later, he drops the brush and rubs my ass. "MMmmmmmmm...you should feel this. Your bottom is getting quite warm." Then he checks my womanhood. "Oh, I see you already know. You are soooooooo wet. I'll bet you'd like to be fucked right about now, wouldn't you?" All I can do is moan. He is right. I am so turned on I can't speak. I feel like a puddle of lust. Honey shoves 3 fingers in my twat and pumps them back and forth. It almost relieves the aching, but not quite. He laughs at my responding to his manipulations. "You are such a slut." He slips one finger into my anal passage. It completely takes my breath away. He laughs again. "I know you like that, slut." And he takes it away. "You want to see how much I like this?" he asks me, but he doesn't wait for an answer. He straddles my face. His cock is hard. "Open up." I do, gladly. I opened my mouth wide. He slides his cock into mouth gently at first. "See how hard I am for you?" He asks me. I cannot respond. "Spanking your ass makes me hard. I love to see your ass turn red. I love to see you try to wiggle away." He continues to talk to me while he strokes his cock in and out of my mouth, every stroke reaching to the back of my throat. Each stroke back causing my passions to rise and my throat to relax. Each stroke goes a little deeper into my throat. Honey takes hold of my head and seriously fucks my face. He pulls my head to him as his shoves his cock deeper and deeper with each stroke. I can feel his climax nearing. I hold my mouth open as much as I can to Honey's fucking. At times I can't breathe. I have to concentrate hard not to choke. I want to be fucked so much and I don't care where. "You want your ass fucked, don't you Baby" Honey taunts. As much as I can, I mutter unh hunh. I want to be fucked every way a woman can be fucked. Honey, keeping his cock securely in my mouth, wets a finger and shoves it full force into my asshole. I almost gag. My concentration is broken for a second. It hurt. It hurt so good. A yelp escapes me but Honey shoves his cock down my throat and cuts off my cry of surprise. He shoves the finger in as far as it will go. He tries to make it go further. My ass is so ready to be penetrated. A finger is good but its not a cock. Honey pulls his cock from my mouth just before he cums. I can hear the battle to keep from cumming in his voice. "Not yet," he spitefully says to me. Honey climbs off and I hear him rummaging. He comes back with a blindfold. "I want you to be surprised" he explains to me. I get nervous. Once Honey is satisfied with the blindfold, he returns to my exposed parts. He stops briefly at my nipples. He teases each one with his tongue and sucks gently. He knows this is mostly not a good feeling for me. He doesn't care. He likes it. Before he completely moves away, he takes both tit's in his hands and squeezes. I do like that.

Honey moves away from body. With the blindfold on, I am relying on my ears to figure out what he is doing. I hear a tube opening. He is getting the KY. I start to tingle all over. I think to myself "FINALLY....he going to fuck me in the ass!" Then I feel Honey. He massages the KY onto and into my asshole. It feels sooo good. He is prepping me for his big cock to make entry. Then I feel something cool...no, not cool...cold. Pressure against my anus. It gives way with little effort. "This is to remind you of what is coming....if you are a good girl." Slowly he eases the foreign object into my ass. I realize as it continues to grow exactly what it is. It is a butt plug. We don't often use the butt plug...I prefer real cock. As it gets to the widest point of the plug, my breath catches. Honey stops the foreward motion. "Relax" Honey whispers to me. "Breathe. You know you can take this. Take it for me. Relax and enjoy it. Its going in one way or the other." I can't stop him. I know my words will fall on deaf ears. He wiggles the plug back and forth, getting my anus accustomed to this strange object. When he thinks I am ready, Honey pushes forward again. It goes a tiny bit farther and then the pain sets in again. "Please Honey," I beg. "I can't. Its too big. It hurts," I plead. Its 3/4's of the way in and still gaining girth. "I told you...it's going in. You can do it without pain if you relax, or you can do it painfully. Its up to you." Honey pushes forward again. I whimper. I try to control my breathing. I concentrate on relaxing my anal muscles to accomodate this huge invader. Our butt plug isn't tiny by any means. Its girth is probably no wider than Honey himself but the unnatural things just don't feel the same. "Please Honey! I can't..." and you shove the plug the rest of the way in. For a second, I think I feel the tissue ripping and then there is relief. The butt plug is in place. "Oh Baby, that is sooooooooo sexy" you coo to me. I can't speak yet. Once in place, the pain ended but the feeling of being completely full stays. I feel my anus loosening and tightening, trying to expel the invader. It stays put. Honey watches for a few seconds in amazement. "Oh Baby...." Honey breathes. "That is just too hot. Oh..." Honey takes my thighs and spreads them as far apart as he can. "Oh I have to fuck you..." You say to me breathlessly. Your cock enters my pussy in one stroke. We are pelvis to pelvis. A cry escapes my lips. There is a moment of excruciating pain as cock and butt plug meet, separated by a thin layer of skin. "Oh God...." Honey gasps, He fucks me hard. He fucks me fast. He keeps hold of thighs the entire time, keeping them spread as far as they will spread. Once again, as he nears orgasm, he pulls himself away from me. My pussy is sopping wet. The feeling of being double-penetrated was both painful and exhillerating. I want more. Suddenly, there is an explosion.
I hear before I realize my ass is on fire. Then another explosion. I feel it this time. Honey lays across the backs of legs again as he assaults my ass with one of the new lexan paddles. I don't know which one it is but it hurts and stings. Lexan has a very unique feel. Ungiving. Unyielding. The holes give it an added sting. Honey doesn't wait between swats. Ten times without pause. I groan with each swat. Honey isnt being gentle. Honey is working toward bruises. His swats are hard. I think my ass is going to explode...and then you stop. There is a moment's pause and then I feel your tongue. Inside my pussy, flicking across my clit, sucking at my clit, teasing my clit, then back inside my pussy. My ass is on fire but all I can think about is how insane with passion Honey is making me.
Before I know what is happening, it starts all over again. I don't realize at first that I am screaming with each swat. Its a different lexan paddle. Once again, Honey is holding my legs against my body. I thrash about but I'm no real threat. I lose count after the fourth swat. I am lost in a world of pain and passion. Honey is spanking me with the butt plug in me. It adds to the pain and the pleasure.
I am becoming just a heaving heap of sensations. After a ruthless spanking, Honey breaks to fuck me again. I can feel my body being pounded by Honey's weight. Honey is fucking me hard. When he pulls away, it is sudden and the pain begins again. Over and over, spanking and fucking, spanking and fucking. I am sweating all over. Still spanking and fucking. I lose track of the different implements. All four of our Lexan paddles, I think the holy wooden paddle, the leather strap, the cane...those are the ones I recognize. After a good, hard caning, pull the butt plug from my ass. It hurts so much more coming out than going in, but I feel empty. Honey takes the opportunity to spank my battered ass with one more implement before he buries his cock up my ass. He holds my legs by the back of my knees and fucks my ass, the two of us face to face, me still blindfolded, hands still tied. My body shakes under the weight. Honey reaches up and unties my right hand. My ass aches...ALL of it. My clit is fully engorged and screaming for relief. My hand goes straight to my clit while Honey continues to plunder my asshole. It doesn't take long before Honey and I are both heaving with oncoming orgasms. Honey starts to come first. His climax and the feel of his cum inside my ass, his pelvis pressing against my burning and beaten ass sets off my own explosive orgasm. We collapse in semi-bound heap, Honey on top of me, both of us trying to regain our breath. Honey removes my blindfold and unbounds the rest of my ties. We lay together and slowly drift off, still holding one another.

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