Thursday, March 29, 2007

Interviewed on Journey to the Darkside...and then some

There are so many thing that I forget to say....over and over again...Like....oh...I GOT INTERVIEWED BY PADME! How could I forget such an important event, you might ask yourself? That is a very very good question. Uh...I have no excuse...actually, I have LOTS of excuses but mostly its just been about trying to find time to BLOG at all. So if you want to know a little more about me, go to Journey to the Darkside and Padme's interviews. I love those two. I am a huge Star Wars fan so I found myself attracted to this site early on. Its certainly a unique twist to the Anakin and Padme story. Its a very busy site with LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of fun things to interest pretty much anybody in the spanko world, the BDSM world, D/s, D/D...they stay busy. I have yet to get through the whole site but its fun spending a nite on their site.

I kind of want to surprise Honey with a hotel room tonight (fun fun fun) but we are such COMPLETE homebodies and LOVE being at home, I'm not sure what to do. If we stay home, chances are the single kid still at home will decide to stay home too...he always does on our nights off together. I think its a conspiracy on his part. If we go to a room, we will have fun for sure, but its money we could use elsewhere and we would miss being at home...with all of our DVD's and crafts and....stuff. I think I'll wait til later til make that decision. Neverless the less, Honey and I have several toys that need to be used often and a few that just need to be used, period. Brand new. Waiting to be tried out...and my ass is completely bruise-free...always a shame.
There has been much talk recently about Lexan canes on the various blogs I read. I have yet to hear from a "bottom" that actually LIKES the Lexan cane. They are extremely flexible and they thud...way way way different than rattan. In fact, Lexan canes will make one feel like rattan is just a toy. If you are really curious about the Lexan toys, start with a Lexan paddle. They have a completely unique feel. I know it might be a little different for me because I am a paddle fan but there is no real way to describe the feel of Lexan. Where the paddle is concerned, it hurts like hell and its easy to bear. No sense, right? Consider a smooth straight alcoholic tequila. When you take a shot of 1800 Gold, its smooth, goes down easy but packs a punch that will knock you on your ass in time flat...that is much the same as a Lexan paddle. I am anxious to get a new with holes, in fact. As for the Lexan cane, we got the thicker cane and maybe this is the reason I hate it so much. We may yet buy the thinner one and see if it is more tolerable. Honey prefers that to my hiding it everytime he gets that gleam in his eye...but we'll see.

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