Sunday, September 09, 2007

Uniform Fantasy

Honey knows most of my fantasies. I am going to share one with him now that he is not aware of...and I hope others will enjoy it as well. If anyone actually acts this out, or something similar, or just wants to share a fantasy with me (and one that perhaps Honey and I could act out)I would love to hear about it.

Its the uniform. Any uniform will do it. Women (and men) all over the word know what I am talking about. Its the image of authority. The policeman. The general. The warden. I fantasize still about being spanked every day, sometimes a gentle spanking, sometimes a more frantic spanking. This is the way this fantasy runs:

I start out by preparing my "costume" while you are gone. I know that because of the nature of your job, you have the ability to "drop in" periodically thoughout your workday. I never know when that will be. I never know how often. I shower and find my best subtle hint clothing...(did I mention that I finally got the spanking pantaloons that I wanted? A very nice reader sent me a very nice message about where she got hers. I still had her message up while I was ordering them. They arrived in record time. I was absolutely thrilled. Honey and I have tried them out already and I meant to blog about it but honestly, things have been a little hectic around the house.) I put them on with the hopes that I won't have to verbalize what I want from you. I put my hair in pigtail braids while it is still wet as I know you love to see when I am in a spanking mood. I find a nice chemise to wear over my pantaloons so you can have easy access to my bottom and my womanly parts but I don't have to worry about being embarassed if someone other than Honey drops by. I find just the implements. There are so many to choose from these days...and more on the way....I don't really feel like a "bruise my ass" spanking...I just want to be spanked hard enough to feel it until the next time you can "drop by." I decide to leave different implements around various parts of the house. At the end of the day, I have big plans but this is just foreplay. I leave the dogleg brush and the plastic hairbrush in the living room. I am hoping you will saunter in in your uniform, recognize my clothing and hair for what it is, find the implements and take me into your hands...or should I say over your knee...and introduce my bottom to the first of what I hope will be several spankings throughout the day. I want you, in your uniform, to lay me across one leg while you hold my legs down with the other. I want you to be prepared to take hold of my wrist if I try to shield my bottom from you. I want to be taken by you.

The single thing I don't think I have ever told you, even after all these years of being together, is that I chose you as my lifemate because you are the only man I have ever known who could dominate me...not just in the bedroom, but physically and emotionally, you are stronger than I am...and I find that oh so sexy. This part I have told you. You make me feel secure. You make me feel safe. When you are questioning whether I trust you or not (during our aggressive foreplay or in life in general), rest have my utter and total trust and faith. If this were not the case, I wouldn't be able to share all my deep, dark secrets with you. I certainly would not have been able to share my fantasies with you. And I would NEVER allow someone I didn't trust to put me over their knee in such a vulnerable position. I trust you with my bottom, I trust you with my body, I trust you with my life.

I leave the two brushes on your little table in the living room and I settle in at my laptop to "get in the mood" by reading blogs and watching videos...waiting for you to come in. I start to lose hope that you are getting the chance to come by at all when I hear your car drive up. I get butterflies. I have a brief, fleeting thought about hiding the brushes but I realize it really wouldn't do any good since all of me and my look at the moment is screaming for a spanking. You open the door and holler "Honey? " I call to you from the living room but with no hint in my voice at what you are going to find. You enter with a big smile on your face that only gets broader and brighter as you take in the site of me...and then the brushes. "Whats this, little girl" you say in a teasing voice. "My brush" I reply to you in the most innocent, childlike voice I can muster. "Is someone having ideas?" you query. "Maybe...." I answer, suddenly losing my nerve. You sit at your usual spot and eye the brushes. "Are you thinking you need BOTH of these to be used?" you ask me. All I can do is look at you wordlessly. Suddenly, I don't know what I want. The butterflies in my stomach increase. "If you don't tell me what you want, it will be my choice," you warn me. "I just wanted..." and I falter. "Yes?" you say to me. "I don't have all day. Get over here. Obviously, you are in need of a little attention." I walk over to you hesitantly. You show me your lap. "Come on...." you tell. "I don't have all day." I look at your lap uncertainly. I take a deep breath and remind myself that I am the one that started this. As I start to lay myself over your leg, I tell you "I was thinking a little spanking off and on today might be nice?" It comes out as a question. Ten minutes before I couldn't wait for you to come home and start the spanking. Now that you are here, I feel fear taking me. You position me over your leg so my waist is on your leg, my top half hanging over so I can reach the floor. You place your free leg over my legs, as I have told you I want you to do. I usually want this when I want a hard spanking but you have chosen to do this all the time so I don't freak at the last minute before a spanking. If I never know if its going to be a hard spanking or a little spanking, I won't fight nearly as much. Its my flight or fight syndrome that works on impulse. I have no control over it. You know that though because you know me so well.

Once you have me situated, you raise my chemise. You move the opening in the pantaloons to either side. It feels like a curtain opening on "Let's Make a Deal." "Mmmmmmmmmm" I feel the rumble rather than hear the sound as you rub your hand across my now bared bottom. I get goosebumps. No matter how big or how small my ass gets, you let me know you enjoy it. "So my Baby thinks she needs a spanking...." you taunt me as your hand rubs back and forth across the surface of my pristine ass. It has been too long since we played spanking games. I can't say anything. My head is in that space between "Beat me hard..." and "What the hell was I thinking?" "Just a little spanking, you said..." you continue to taunt me. I find some semblence of my voice. "Yes," I squeak out. "I don't know," you tease. "Seems to me when a little girl asks for a spanking, she should get exactly what she asks for..." I tense up. Then I feel something cool on my ass. Honey is oh so fond of rubbing the implements on my ass before using them. I think I recognize this one but I'm not positive. The two hairbrushes feel very much alike when they are being rubbed against my skin. "I think I can oblige you," Honey says as I feel his arm preparing to start reigning down blows. I forget to breathe. I hear the first impact before I actually feel it. It makes a loud crashing noise throughout the empty house. Then the sting starts. Its the plastic hairbrush. This is one of my all-time favorites in those times when I want to be spanked but I don't want to be seriously hurt...those times when I want to be spanked hard but I don't want it to leave long lasting bruises. I like bruises...but there are times that my bottom is almost a public display and I would hate to have to explain bruising. I am a serious closet spanko (unless that one couple really found this site, in which case I only think I am closet spanko, but I don't think they would share my secret for obvious reasons....but I digress) and I'm not any hurry to come out of the closet. Honey has chosen the perfect implement. The plastic brush. He proceeds to spank my bottom, first one cheek, then the other, back and forth. He gets to around twenty swats and stops. "Is this what you were wanting, Baby?" Honey asks me. I shake my head yes because I can't respond verbally. My words have all dried up. I can feel the warmth, gently, on the surface of my bottom. I can feel an equal amount of warmth starting between my legs. I haven't figured out exactly what the connection is between the pain in my ass and the wetness of my womanhood (and many many many others that I have read about...enough to make me think it happens to all women), but I get incredibly wet when I'm spanked, even when I'm not enjoying the spanking. Honey inspects the color of my cheeks. They have become a nice, pretty pinkish color. "Do you want more?" Honey asks me. In my mind, there is a war of voices, one saying yes, please, the other saying no thank you. "Silly question....." Honey answers himself. "I can tell by looking at your ass that you need more." The plastic brush has been a nice, slightly stingy sensation. Only the slightest bit painful. More of an irritation. With the first WHACK, I can tell this second round is not going to be so pleasant. As Honey begins to warm up my bottom, he fills my ears with his plans "That was just a little warm up, Baby. So is this." Honey has moved on to the wooden, dogleg brush. What a silly girl I was to bring out that one. The blows are heavier, the wooden paddle is more treacherous. The dogleg brush thuds each time it makes contact with my bottom. The leg that Honey was using to hold my legs down was only for show with the plastic brush. With this brush, my legs try to kick, I try to squirm, but Honey holds me mostly in place until he decides to let me up. He has leveled a solid twenty more swats before he breaks. "Okay...I think that should do you for the moment," Honey tells me as he helps me back to feet. Instinctively, my hands cup my achy behind. I can feel heat coming from the cheeks. There is a dull ache on each side. "Let me see" Honey instructs me now that I am standing. I turn around and lift my chemise so he can make a visual inspection. "Not too bad....for now," Honey says, obviously proud of his work. I am now as amorous as a girl can get but Honey is working, so we cannot engage in our marital benefits. Instead, I collapse between your knees. Your hands go immediately to my breasts and begin a rough massage, just the way I like it, as I unbutton and unzip your pants. I proceed to show you how grateful I am by worshipping your cock. I use it like a lollipop, licking each and every bit I can reach before taking you into my mouth. I bob up and down briefly before you stop me, afraid that I might hurt myself. You take over the motion, which turns me on even more. You slide off your couch to a standing position while I kneel in front of you. You fuck my mouth slowly, gently. Your cock slides easily across my tongue and down my throat. You push your cock against the back of my throat as far as you can. I have to concentrate hard not to gag. You hold your cock in my throat, I swallow, you moan. The pace picks up little by little until I can feel your orgasm drawing near. You are so careful with me, so careful not to hurt me. I really want you to fuck my mouth like you used to but I know we can't do that yet. I hold my mouth open for you to fuck as deep as you want. As you get close to climax, you pull your cock out of my mouth and jack off in front of me. My mouth is open, waiting. When you start to come, I let you come where ever you want to start and then I wrap my lips around you to accept the rest. I continue to lick until your orgasm passes. You drop back onto your couch and I move in between your legs for an afterglow embrace.

"Wait til I get home tonight" you promise me. "Then we are really going to have some fun. Until then, I will drop in when I can. Be ready. If you don't have anything picked out when I get here, its MY choice," you warn me. After your breath slows and your senses return, you get ready to leave again. I have a full day waiting for me...and I can't wait!

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