Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Light Lesson

After one of those weeks where no matter how hard you try, you just can't quite seem to get it together, I was starting to get pretty grumpy. My work week had completely been changed around to enable me to get some stuff done and it just threw us into a whirlwind, I guess. I thought I was going to have a week of being able to sleep next to my Honey, playing games and doing those things that people that work normal schedules get to do. Of course, THAT didn't work out. I found I couldn't sleep most of the week. I could fall asleep but I couldn't stay asleep. Kids traipsed in and out of the house and there was NO time that there wasn't at least one awake. And if there was, I slept through it. Needless to say, towards the end of the week, I was feeling out of sorts and more than a little grumpy.

Finally, the weekend rolls around and Honey and I spent the better part of the day teasing each other about what we had to look forward to and then the waiting game started. The kids almost always go somewhere either Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Of course, not this weekend and not while I was at my most "needy.' Hubby and I tried to outlast the kids as far as going to bed one night. That particular night, we not only had our 2 regular kids at home, but a third kid, who moved out months ago, decided he needed to spend the night here with his brothers that night as well.

I was ready to throw up my arms in defeat and just go to bed pissed off. After we didn't hear anything upstairs for a bit and I continued to watch spanking movies and read spanking blogs, I just wasn't in any mood at all to let it go. So, as the sun dawned bright and early, we decided to use our sound inhibitors and go for it anyway.

And boy did we go for it. I was pretty hot and bothered as it was. Honey decided to "get me going" a little more and as soon as we got naked, he buried his head between my legs and I was sent straight into that other world the brain goes into when absolutely nothing else matters but the sensations that are occurring throughout your body. This kind of starting point is not really all that unusual for us when we are planning a spanking session because it releases all those endorphins in my brain and when the spanking starts, I can usually take a pretty good beating...and quite happily at that.

But this time we didn't make it.

We ended up having wild, passionate, completely uninhibited mind-blowing sex instead. It was great...

But it wasn't all I wanted. Even after the HUGE orgasm that my Love of My Life had just delivered to me...and to him as well...I was still so in the mood to have my ass spanked. So, on one hand I was quite satisfied, or maybe gratified is a better term because really, I was in no way satisfied. Still feeling needy, we both got cleaned up a little after we could breathe again and after waiting just a few considerate minutes, I asked Honey if he was still interested in spanking me. I'm not positive but I think I saw his manhood twitch a bit when I said it. He certainly got that gleam in his eye and he said, nonchalantly "Sure."

He had had toys out in our encounter the first time but had put them away when he didn't get to them. So, as I attended to a couple of things before we got started, he brought the toys back out. He doesn't always like for me to know what he has in mind so he had them hidden, although I was pretty sure I saw the tip of Bruiser hiding behind him. I'm not sure why he likes that little monster so much but I have to admit I really am gaining an appreciation of it myself...though I'm not sure why. It sure hurts like nothing else we have!

It was on this fine morning that Honey got the opportunity to really try out those new toys we made us. He made the small wooden paddle with the holes in it. It is a stingy little bugger and it may leave bruises, I'm not real sure, but overall, it isn't a particularly horrendous implement. Like I said, stingy as all get out but not bad. I believe he applied that little instrument to my appreciative backside 100 times. When he got up to 90, he decided he wanted to pop my ass a little harder so he was giving me warning...I guess. After 90 even not-so-hard swats, the butt is kinda numb. I did feel those last 10 extra hard swats though and was thankful for them.

He then moved on to....God only knows what but I know he decided he wanted to see if I could handle 100 swats of anything he had to offer. Quite frankly, he was swatting pretty softly, I suppose to make sure that I didn't wimp out along the way, which was probably a very good plan. I received the cane, but I only remember about 10 licks from it...which is generally plenty from a cane if applied with any force at all....NO WAIT!!!!! I think I do recall feeling some cane lashes along the way but I couldn't begin to tell you which cane or how many times he struck me with it. I'm not even sure what all he used back there but there were probably at least 6 different toys that he had picked out. The very first one I remember. Big leather paddle with a heart cut out. Totally useless if you want that "seriously just been spanked" feeling but not bad if you are just wanting to play around.

What I do remember is Bruiser. Honey didn't have to tell me what it was. He rubbed its cool, smooth surface across my quite warmed up soft, cushy surface and I knew exactly what it was...and I was prepared. What I was wasn't prepared for the gentleness with which Bruiser was applied. Don't get me wrong. Bruiser, even used gently, earns its name. There is no "gentle" really to it. Honey went for broke...he just kept hitting my butt and hitting my butt and hitting my butt. I was counting too. After we hit about 40, I was pretty sure he was going for 100. It was warm, stingy, but I only said ouch a couple of times. I was counting....98, 99, 100....101, 102, 103...hmmmmmm...I wondered where this going. Now the swats were starting to get a little harder...110, 111. 112...and Honey was encouraging me to say things like "Ouch.." and telling me he wasn't going to stop until I asked him to...125, 126, 127....Nope, I wasn't going to do it...130...Honey had me by the waist and was actually putting just the tiniest amount of force into it...and then he gave out...somewhere around 140, I had quit counting and so had he, he just couldn't swing Bruiser anymore. HA!!!!!! When he finally put Bruiser down, he felt between my legs and was astounded at how wet I was...but I wasn't. I knew what he would find if he delved off into that direction. I was so horny I couldn't hardly sit still across his lap...and was anxious to move on to a different kind of playtime.

We figure before all was said and (well)done I probably had 600-700 swats of various things. We were at our little playtime for about 4 hours...including the lovemaking that came before and after..and oh yes, it did so come after too! It was so hot. My ass was burning. It felt like I had been leaning up against a furnace when you touched it. As I climbed off my honey's lap, I attached my mouth to his manhood. This is a nice position, him sitting, me kneeling between his legs. It gives him the opportunity to spank my ass a little more if he so desires.

It wasn't long before Honey told me to turn around and described to me in graphically explicit terms how he planned on fucking my ass...and he did...and it was awesome...again. By the time we finally called a night (morning?) both of us were exhausted, spent, well-fucked, and blissfully satified....

Or was I?

He doesn't know it yet (but he will when he reads this and then I will probably be sorry), but...

Although we went for pacing and distance the other night, I still feel in the need for that spanking...that HARD spanking that I have been wanting all week..even if it means utilizing Bruiser in the worst way. Should I ask? Probably not. Might end up getting EXACTLY what I ask for....

Or maybe this blog will be asking enough.

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