Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Spanking Game

Since i am such a coward, more often than not, if asked if I want to be spanked (we use "playtime" as a code word) I will invariably say no. Sometimes I mean it. Sometimes its just a panic response. Of course I don't WANT to be spanked. It hurts! Would it have beneficial rewards if we did? Most likely. I liked what Nikki Flynn had to say about spanking, in particular severe spankings. This is a near quote, maybe even an exact one but it went something like this "Do I like pain? Of course not. Its not the BEING spanked I like. Its the after effects." I love THINKING about being spanked. I like fantasizing about being spanked. I like all the things that come after...the bruising, the soreness, the feeling that I have a secret that is only shared by me and Honey. I like that it makes me horny thinking about being handled by Honey, ass in the air, while he reigns down blow after blow of....well, anything. His hand, a paddle, a cane...anything that will leave my ass red and owey.

Now that I have established I am a coward that enjoys THINKING about being spanked far more than I like being spanked (until after the deed is done) I have come up with a plan. A solution for Honey and myself. In my fantasy world, I get spanked everyday. However, if a lady is to be spanked everyday, it takes the specialness out of it. And it becomes routine. To avoid something as special as an ass beating becoming routine, I propose a game. Honey and I have many many many many spanking implements. Each has been used and each has its time, some more often than others, some more heartily than others. I propose we make up two or three bowls with little slips of paper in them. One bowl contains the name of ALL of our spanking implements, including belts and wooden spoons (so much fun with things around the house).

In another bowl, we could put numbers 1 -15...maybe higher. That would be the number of times my ass was to become intimately introduced to the particular implement drawn from blow #1.

Bowl #3 would be optional. It would have positions. Since Honey and I are usually in agreement about positions, i dont see this as a necessity, even for a coward like me, but it might prove interesting. I know I HATE to do that "touching toes" thing. It makes me feel silly, seems impersonal and hurts like bowl #3 has possibilities. Perhaps we could use it "on special occasions" when we are having an indecisive day.

As I write this, Honey and I are awaiting the newest of implements that I felt the need to buy. Its seems the more pain and bruising potential, the more I want the implement...but then when it gets here, I don't want to use it. Such is life I guess. If I buy them, Honey makes sure they get used at least every once in a while. Just goes to prove that old addage, be careful of what you ask for for you may surely get it. Actually, I think it gives new meaning to the addage. When the new toys get here, I know my ass is in for it because I have made Honey hold off on doing anything until they do get here. The Coward in me is freaking just slightly because there are 3! Yes, I did say 3! new and painful toys headed my way and I know Honey will want to try them out to their fullest extent when they get here, which is only fitting. My ass, however, may disagree by the end of the week.

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