Monday, December 11, 2006


How does the old saying go? "Ask you and you shall receive." Ah yes, well it seems that is most definitely the case. I have to admit though. I am in mourning. Much as I love my bruises, it seems that no matter how long or how hard My Love smacks around on my ass, even with Bruiser, it just doesn't leave the same marks as The Late Great Holey Paddle. I miss it. You can see how nicely red my ass turns after playtime...but it just doesn't leave the bruising. I would show you a picture of that too but there isn't anything to see except my tattoos...sigh. So of course, being the ever accomodating soul that he is, Honey has left Bruiser and our homemade strap out to send me off to work by...and possibly to bruise by. We think there may be some bruising after a couple of took a while today to figure out that the red circles on my butt weren't actually lingering from last night but were actually hanging around for an indefinite period of time, but its not the type that will show up on film without a professional touch and I'm just not up to the photo shoot.

Much to my surprise, My Love decided it was time for a spanking so I had to take a little break from my blog. My ass is nice and toasty as I write this, looking a bit like it does in this picture right here but there is most definitely a bruise starting now. A little blue spot popped up before I walked out of the bedroom. Yes, I did have to look before I left the room. It was only 3 quick swats, but the 3rd one hurt like hell...and much to my surprise, does not hurt now....already...what a resilient ass I must have. Other than the little bruised spot, I could probably go at least one more before work.
So back to last night...Honey decided a series of spankings to take place, all dependent on me and my reactions, the weaker my constitution, the shorter but more serious the swats. He started out with our newest toy, a ping pong paddle. He was whacked my ass something like 20 times with all of our harder toys first and then told me he was going to do 100 fairly light swats with each until I told him to stop. Once I told him to stop, he would only ten of each...but they would be really hard. There are many details I could go in to here but let us suffice it to say that I took about an additional 40 or so with the ping pong paddle...I think it was the ping pong know what? I just don't remember all of it. I remember our wooden brush like paddle, thick little booger...hurts with a thuddy kind of pain, I remember the ping pong paddle and feeling like my ass had just played the longest ping pong game in history all by itself, I remember the plastic hairbrush popping up several times (it really is one of my favorites but its SO LOUD), and I remember Bruiser. Oh Bruiser. Honey likes Bruiser way too much. He started to give me ten hard swats with Bruiser but I only made it to 6. The very first was very hard and I flew from my perching spot for my spanking into a corner of the room holding both cheeks accusing My Honey of being a very mean man. And he was. We managed another 5 but Bruiser is so heavy...I swear sometimes it feels like my skin is going to burst on impact. It hasn't I said, resilient ass...but it sure feels like it. Before the night was over, My Love actually gave my ass 140 some odd "love taps" with Bruiser and also used varying other implements that I have already mentioned. All in all, a good night. I certainly enjoyed it. We made sporadic love throughout the session and ended with a splendid assfucking that left both of us drymouthed and was great. I look forward to the next time that we can intersperse spanking and lovemaking. I think the rest of my work week is destined to have my ass meet up with Bruiser at least once a night...but maybe that isn't such a bad thing...Lots of stress at work these days...if I can't make love out of the stress, then a good ass beating will do until I can.

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