Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Fantasy

I was so upset. I spent the day working on an entry off and on day before yesterday and when I went to publish, it went away. I couldn't even get it to copy. Very annoying

On to better things.

I was just sitting here, hanging out in the living room, Hubby working on his latest project, both of us watching a new movie that I got because Honey bought me a new movie for every day between May 1st and Mothers Day when I found my mind wandering. Honey and I are having difficulties because of the stress of my work problems. Its obvious that is what is going on but it took a little while to figure it out. We were talking about it tonight, trying to decide if I should quit or not and then we started watching a new movie. Honey and I have gotten to play some but not nearly enough and quite frankly, I probably need to be "played" more often. I was telling Honey tonight that I just can't ask...not really. Its always been difficult for me to ask him to take me to bed but the idea of saying "Honey, will you beat me and then fuck me in the ass..." well...I just can't get the words to come out. So instead, here I am watching a movie and finding myself fantasizing about it instead. Not even meaning just happened.


Honey takes me by my hand and leads me into the bedroom. He lays me down on the bed. He fondles my body in all those places that are so fond of being fondled. After he entices my womanhood with his fingers, he moves down my body and places his head firmly between my legs. I feel his tongue. He has such a way with his tongue. The first touches are pure electricity. I start to warm up immediately and little sighs and moans escapes my lips as he kisses, licks, probes, stimulates me in every way until I am a heaving liquid mass with no other thoughts than the pleasure he is giving me. His tongue flicks at my asshole, and it takes my breath away. I feel his finger pushing against the ring, then penetrating as he concentrates again on my clit and everything around. He is fingerfucking my ass while he plays with my clit and I am floating on a cloud of sheer ecstacy. He rolls me over onto my belly.
I stick my ass up in the air. My ass needs so much attention.
"Not just yet," he tells me. Suddenly he produces a set of cuffs...I don't remember what you call them exactly but its the ones that velcro around your thighs and the wrist cuff is attached to the thigh. They are sooooooooooooooo hot. It leaves my hands free to play with myself, with or without my vibrator while making me completely vulnerable to anything he wants to do with me. This is both of our favorite position. My head is down, my ass is up and I am completely at his mercy. Tonight, he decides to add a spreader bar into the equation. "The better to fuck you with, my dear" he taunts me.
He makes sure I am comfortable, a sign he intends to take his time, no matter what he has planned.
Once he is sure that I cannot get my hands free, he climbs behind me. He massages my ass. He lets his hands slide up to my breasts while he kisses the small of my back. He slides his hands down my body to my inner thighs. He kisses his way down my ass. He takes his hands and lays a palm on each of my buttcheeks as he gently spreads them apart. He buries his tongue in my ass, sending shivers up and down my body, making my nipples so hard. I feel him pull away.

to be continued later this week.....

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