Monday, January 15, 2007

A Helping Hand

Lately, it just seems like its one little stressful moment after another. The only time I find myself completely unstressed is when I am watching movies of girls getting the bottoms seriously beaten, battered and bruised...and then that gets on the stressful side because I WANT that but I really can't handle it...most of the time...but it doesn't stop me from fantasizing about it. I don't know about anyone else, but no matter how much I want to be bent over the trunk or thrown over a lap and have my ass beaten black and blue, I have a serious problem asking for it. I get butterflies in my stomach. My heart skips a beat...and no matter how hard I try, the words just won't slip through my lips. Last night, after 2 days of bad weather, constant computer problems (internet, not computer), new school woes, and never-ending job problems, I was watching my newest favorite show and watching tons of spanking movies I have saved to my harddrive. Honey got the hint loud and clear.

When I went to get ready for work, I thought he had missed it completely. I was disappointed but the butterflies started settling in my stomach. About halfway through my getting ready, I saw Honey head for the toy drawer. The butterflies started again. I thought I saw him retrieve something from the drawer and my heartbeat sped up. Mere moments later he was on the otherside of the room and his hands were empty. Once again, I was disappointed but I figured my ass was saved...quite literally. Disappointed but relieved.
Then, as I headed into the last few minutes before leaving for work, Honey popped up with some of his and my favorite spanking toys. I was thrilled. I love before work spankings...especially the ones that leave my ass all hot and stingy...and if I'm real lucky, it will hurt the rest of the night when I sit down. He told me he was going to have to make it quick. And oh yes, he certainly did. He started with the ping pong paddle...just about 20 swats total...10 on each side. It took all I had to stand still...but I enjoyed every single stingy moment of it. Then he brought out the wooden hairbrush paddle. Its thick and heavy. It hurts like nobody's business. I wanted to be hit really really hard with it over and over....but alas, the wimp in me won out. 10 times with that one and I was dancing around the bedroom holding my butt cheeks in my hands. I thought that was the end but Honey had another surprise for me. He had the cane laying in wait. I'm not a cane fan really, but whatever Honey wanted was okay with me. 5 cane strokes later, and I was ready for work. I had to take a quick peak in the mirror and was amazed at how red my ass was, so we had to grab the camera and pop off a couple of pictures before I ran out the door.

Looking at the pictures now, I am unbelieveably horny. It really does make me wet just looking at the pictures. It throws me back into the moment and makes me wish I was there again. I can hope for a repeat performance tonight...maybe a little earlier tonight so we can enjoy some twosome time....Oh that just sounds luscious, doesn't it?

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